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No More Excuses! This Is How Your Training Becomes A Habit

Make your training a habit and finally win the fight against your weaker self.

Anyone who has made training a habit can hardly do without it. Lazy excuses to postpone the daily fitness program are also a thing of the past. As soon as you manage to see your fitness and the training for it as a good habit, you pull it off almost automatically. This means that it costs a lot less energy and discipline than you would otherwise need to pull yourself together in the first place. What a great thing that would be! But how the heck do you make something a habit?

There is probably hardly a person who does not know how difficult it is to break a bad habit. This phenomenon should be used, but of course only for GOOD habits.

Luckily, it’s a little easier to get used to new things than break old, seemingly bad habits. University College London psychologist Phillippa Lally found that learning a new practice takes around 66 days.

So How Do You Make Your Workout A Habit?

Of course, the best way to start a new habit is with a kind of aha moment in which you feel the desire for change. Just don’t let this moment pass because you must keep this feeling you have when you do it so that you can remind yourself of it regularly. This is precisely what can help you to keep the mean bastard at bay. Just trick yourself.

Make Time Work For You

After that, you should set a goal. Of course, anyone who thinks about fitness logically wants to get fit or lose weight. However, such a wish can be far too vague. It would be better to set a specific goal, such as a firm bottom.

Time is crucial because you must get used to the new task to make it a routine. If you focus on the time goal, the actual charge may take a back seat. For example, you can say, “For the next 22 days, I will do the 7-minute workout every day without fail .”

Hold On! You Can Do It!

So that you don’t throw in the towel in the 66 days, you should constantly reformulate your goal. Split it up a bit into 3x 22 days roughly. Every time you complete 22 days in a row, you review your plan. Sometimes you have to adapt to the circumstances or put it a little higher. First of all, you mustn’t give up!

Did you make it? Excellent! Don’t stop now. Be sure to keep going, but keep it simple: “For the next 22 days, I’m going to do the 7-minute workout twice every night, without fail.”

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Meet Up For Training!

First, you should look closely at your daily routine: when is enough time for an undisturbed training session. Do you eat between 7 pm and 7.30 pm every day? Then you should ideally complete your training before or a little later.

You’re more of the morning exerciser type – that’s fine too, then just set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and get started. Put your running shoes next to your bed or use the training mat as a bedside rug. In the beginning, you have to bump your nose at your project.

No matter when the perfect time is for you, you should block this date and keep it. You then have a date – with yourself. By the way, it can also help if you make an appointment with a friend for training. Every Monday and Thursday, you have a fixed training date. Cancelling an arrangement like this isn’t easy.

Treat Yourself To Excellent Rewards

The power of reward – learning new things is more accessible when you get something out of it. The slimmer silhouette as a reward? Sure, she is, but seriously, you wouldn’t get up earlier and run through the park for that. It’s just too far away.

It’s much nicer to reward yourself directly after training, for example, with a delicious coffee specialty, a massage, or an episode of your favourite series in the evening. Motivation increases as soon as the end is in sight, and the reward is not just a firmer body but perhaps a small gift to yourself.

Above all, you should ensure that the task does not overwhelm you and that you lose interest. Don’t make it so difficult for yourself. A complete diet program with a change in diet and a sports program is quite a lot at once. Starting from zero to a hundred, so to speak, no wonder so many people fail at it.

You can save a daily reminder on your smartphone or enter the appointment in the calendar as an aid. Eventually, you’ll reach the point where you don’t even have to think about doing your daily workout because you do it.

Using fitness trackers, smartwatches, or training apps such as Loox or Nike Run Club is also advisable to record your workout’s progress and keep improving and motivating yourself.

Even Cheating Is Allowed

Incidentally, the study mentioned above also showed that you can allow yourself one or two days of cheating and still achieve your goal. Of course, you can also apply this “instruction” to other habits, such as drinking enough water or reducing sugar.

Make A Plan!

It is not only worth creating a plan for training that you can stick to. Anyone who wants to get their body used to new things works surprisingly well with a plan. This provides a kind of support to hold on to avoid deviating from the path to the new habit.

An Important Note At The End:

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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