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Low-Fat Cooking: These Ingenious Tricks Will Save You Loads Of Calories!

When we cook, we often use way too much fat. And that means one thing above all: unnecessary calories. Here are 9 ingenious tips with which you can quickly cook low-fat without changing your entire diet.

Sometimes it helps to rethink something while cooking. Far too often, we tend to let habits guide us. Sure, it’s easy to throw the fries in the deep fryer or make the spaghetti carbonara with the cream sauce that our grandmother made with them. If you want to lose weight, that should stop now. But don’t worry: you don’t have to go without your favorite food. We have nine ingenious tricks for you that you can easily integrate into your everyday life and with which you can save a lot of fat at the same time!

Tip 1: Fry In A Coated Pan

You won’t believe how much fat you can save by investing in a suitable pan. Coated pans are ideal if you want to cook low-fat. One tablespoon of oil is enough to fry meat, for example. This is because such pans have a non-stick coating – and this ensures that your food does not burn or stick in the pan.

Extra Tip: When buying the pan, make sure that it is sealed with ceramic. Then it can withstand high temperatures without producing toxic substances.

Tip 2: Marinate Instead Of Breading!

Meat or fish only tastes good if it is thickly breaded? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! If you want to eat low-fat, you should stay away from breaded foods. On the one hand, the breading is already a real fattener due to the white flour it contains, and on the other hand, it soaks up fat when frying.

Use the marinade instead. You can easily do it yourself. You conjure up a very low-fat variant from honey and mustard. But you can also mix some oil with fresh herbs and garlic and brush the meat with it. It tastes at least as good and is much lower in fat!

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Tip 3: Degrease Meat And Broths

There are two little tricks for doing this: You can degrease a broth by overnight placing it in the refrigerator. The cold fat settles on top, so you can easily take it out with a spoon. If you want to decrease the meat, put it briefly on a piece of kitchen roll after roasting. This absorbs the excess fat. And voilá: With two small movements, you can ensure that you save a lot of fat.

Tip 4: Measure The Oil

When cooking, we often take the oil bottle and artfully swing it over the pan. Maybe it looks professional if you want to cook low-fat, but you’re making a mistake. You have no control over how much fat you use. And in most cases, it is way too much! So take a tablespoon and measure the oil. In general, one tablespoon of oil is sufficient for a coated pan.

Tip 5: Replace Cream With Milk Or Coconut Milk

Yes – everything tastes better when you add cream or creme fraîche. Unfortunately, these are precisely the right calorie bombs. For example, if you’re making a pasta casserole, add some milk instead of the cream. You will hardly notice this later in the taste, but you will save a lot of calories. If you need a delicious sauce with rice or noodles, add coconut milk instead of the cream. It gives your food an exceptional touch and is lower in fat.

Tip 6: Off In The Oven!

French fries, schnitzel, or spring rolls – they all taste great, of course, when fried or fried in a pan with lots of butter. But unfortunately, there is a natural fat bomb lurking here! If you want to lose weight, your motto from now on is Bake instead of fry! You usually don’t need any fat when baking. And you will see – in the end, your food tastes just as good.

Extra tip: fries, for example, are super easy to make yourself. Cut the potatoes into small wedges, drizzle them with a bit of oil, season well, and bake for half an hour at 200 ° C. So yummy!

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Tip 7: Use Low-Fat Meat

When shopping for groceries, you can make sure that they are as low in fat as possible. You should be particularly careful with meat. Many types of meat, such as mixed minced meat, contain a lot of fat. There is little fat in poultry, minced beef, or boiled ham, for example. So I prefer to use these varieties.

Tip 8: Make Salad Dressing Yourself

You make a considerable effort, chop up lettuce and lots of vegetables because you want to eat healthily. Now add a little sauce; otherwise, the salad will be too dry. And bang, it happened. A fatty vinaigrette or the sugary yogurt sauce from the supermarket lands on the healthy salad. And most of them don’t even realize that there are tons of calories in these sauces.

But don’t worry: you don’t have to eat your salad without sauce, of course. You can easily make a low-fat yogurt sauce yourself. Mix some yogurt with a teaspoon of mustard, a little honey, a few fresh herbs, a tablespoon of vinegar, and salt and pepper. Instead of a natural dressing, you can also pour a little vinegar and oil over the salad.

Tip 9: Grill More Often

Is barbecue only possible in summer? That’s not true! The good thing about grilling is that you don’t need any fat, and the meat or vegetables still don’t taste dry at all. But you don’t have to turn on your large charcoal grill every time. There are small electric grills for the apartment that you can get yourself. But you can also use the grill function of your oven to prepare your food fat-free. Just try it!

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