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Influenza-Like Infection: Which Home Remedies Help?

Do you have a cold, a sore throat and feel weak? Sounds like a flu-like infection. We’ll tell you which home remedies can help you get fit again quickly.

The common cold or the flu is the most common illness in Germany. An adult has a cough, runny nose, and hoarseness at least two to three times a year. Children even more often.

A slight consolation: a flu-like infection is not nasty and goes away on its own. Simple home remedies will relieve the symptoms of the common cold and make us feel better quickly.

By the way: A flu-like infection is triggered by viruses. Since no antibiotic can help against these, other drugs or home remedies must be found so that the cold disappears as quickly as possible.

Influenza-Like Infection: What Helps?

Unfortunately, there is some truth in the popular wisdom: “A cold lasts seven days if you go to the doctor and a week if you just sit it out”. It takes time for the cough to heal. And since the symptoms usually appear one after the other, starting with a sore throat, then the runny nose and finally the cough, the flu-like infection is prolonged.

In addition to one or the other home remedy to relieve the symptoms, you should take it easy if you have a cold. Rest, sleep and wrap up thick. If you ignore the common cold, you run the risk of dragging it off and being sick afterwards.

Whether you go to the doctor with a flu-like infection or first take home remedies for the common cold depends on your general condition. If you feel very well and only have the typical symptoms such as a runny nose or a slight sore throat, home remedies for the flu-like infection are enough. If there is pain in the limbs, fever and fatigue, a doctor should be consulted.

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Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Ginger Tea

According to naturopaths, fresh ginger is a small all-rounder for diseases. It helps against abdominal pain and nausea but is also often used for colds. Here it is supposed to help, especially with sore throats, and relieve the urge to cough. It also contains phytochemicals that strengthen the immune system and destroy bacteria.

To do this, pour hot water over a piece of ginger, add a little honey and drink it hot.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Tea With Honey

A cup of tea helps against any discomfort. In the case of a cold, the liquid moisturizes the mucous membranes in the throat and reduces sore throats and irritable coughs.

Sage tea is particularly recommended for sore throats. The sage has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you like, sweetened with a bit of honey, it should also have an antibacterial effect.

If you have a cough, tea with thyme or ribwort is recommended. It loosens the mucus and calms the bronchi.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Hot Milk With Honey

Hot milk with honey is also recommended because it tastes good and is said to help with a sore throat. It does because the warmth calms the sore throat and is therefore perceived as beneficial.

So that the nutrients contained in the honey are not destroyed, the milk should first be heated, let it cool down a little and only then stir in the honey. However, milk also promotes mucus, so it is not recommended if the airways are congested.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Warm Neck Wraps

A warm wrap around the neck is particularly beneficial for a sore throat. To do this, heat a kitchen towel or regular towel in the oven and place it around your neck.

If you like, you can also cook jacket potatoes, mash them, wrap them in a towel and wrap them around your neck. The potatoes are said to retain heat for longer and soothe the sore throat and the urge to cough. You should wear a thick scarf between wrapping treatments.

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Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Inhale

One of the best home remedies for a cold is inhalation. The hot vapours moisten the mucous membranes of the nose and make breathing easier. At the same time, the cough is calmed, and the mucus in the bronchi is loosened.

Steam baths are easy to make yourself at home with a bowl, hot water and a towel. Pour the hot water into the bowl and add a little sage or chamomile to the water, depending on the symptoms. Then hold your head over the water covered with a towel and breathe deeply.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Nasal Rinsing

If you’re struggling with a nasty cold, nasal rinsing with lukewarm salt water can provide relief. Not only do they rid the sinuses of tough mucus, but they also flush out any bacteria and can thus prevent sinus infections. The saltwater also moisturizes the airways. This also makes it more difficult for the pathogens to establish themselves.

It is effortless to rinse the nose with a nasal douche. They are available from Emser, for example, in a set with suitable nasal rinsing salt.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Fresh Air

Don’t underestimate the effect of fresh air either. Regular ventilation or even a short walk around the block can be excellent. By the way, we don’t mean a visit to the Christmas market. Don’t forget to wrap up nice and warm.

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Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Onions

This home remedy takes a little getting used to, but it should help. Why? Onions contain the essential oil alliin, strengthening the immune system and fighting bacteria, just like the flavonoid quercetin. So that the ingredients are released, the onion is peeled, cut into pieces and then wrapped in a clean kitchen towel. So it comes as a wrap around the neck or is placed as a sachet on a sore ear.

If you have a stuffy nose, you can cut the onion into pieces, place it on a plate and place it next to the pillow at night.

Homemade cough syrup made from onion and rock sugar or honey can also help. Bring a little water with honey/rock sugar and chopped onions to the boil, pour through a sieve and let cool down a little. Then spoon a little of it as needed.

Garlic is also said to have a healing effect due to the essential oils. This only works with fresh garlic that is not cooked. Then you have to worry less about the lasting smell because the new toes smell much less.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Hot Bath

If a fever is not involved, a hot bath can also alleviate the symptoms of a cold. You can buy a bath additive for colds in the pharmacy or drugstore. This ensures that the mucous membranes in the nose swell and the cough calms down. Additives with menthol, eucalyptus, thyme or spruce needles are particularly suitable.

Home Remedies For Flu-Like Infections: Chicken Soup

A large portion of homemade chicken soup and the common cold is history. This is not entirely true, the effect of chicken soup on a cold has not been conclusively scientifically confirmed, but the hot liquid is suitable, moisturizes the throat and warms the body from the inside.

Therefore, take it easy and add plenty of fresh vegetables to the chicken to supply the body with vitamins and minerals.

Important Note: The information in this article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis. If you have any uncertainties, urgent questions or complaints, you should contact your doctor.

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