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The Importance Of Washing Hands During COVID-19

Something as simple as washing your hands can become the best weapon for killing infections and coronavirus. It seems evident that we are not aware of the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene. Otherwise, the fact that only two-thirds of adults use the toilet after going to the toilet would not be explained. However, it has been shown that the hands are one of the main routes of entry of infections to the rest of the body since they are in constant contact with the nose, eyes and mouth.

Let’s be responsible for our health and that of those around us, and pay attention to the warnings and recommendations of the experts, who do nothing but repeat what we should already know: the hygiene of our hands depends, to a large extent, on our maintaining ourselves. healthy as individuals and as a society. And not only against the coronavirus, which is currently the major concern worldwide but also against many other diseases that find their gateway through our hands.

Washing hands emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene, both in everyday life and, of course, in the healthcare field. And to make us aware of it, she has provided us with the following information.

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Did You Know?

  1. A hygiene right hand is an easiest and most effective way that we all have to prevent the spread of infections transmitted through contact.
  2. More than 150 different species of bacteria live in our hands. In addition, women’s hands generally contain more germs than men’s. This is because the male skin is more acidic and this hinders its growth.
  3. The microbes responsible for causing colds that spread quickly through the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes can also remain hidden under the nails. For this reason, by shaking someone’s hand they can spread to another person.
  4. Handling food without proper hand cleaning (before and after cooking) is one of the most frequent causes of the spread of digestive diseases. It is especially important to wash after coming into contact with raw foods such as chicken, which can transmit salmonella.
  5. According to a study, up to 20% of workers have caught an infectious disease in their workplace. The places where most of the germs have been found are:
  • Door: up to 38% of its surfaces are colonized by germs
  • Elevator buttons: 20%
  • Railings: 14.5%

6. Mobile phones and computer keyboards have up to 10 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat. The surfaces of our mobiles are the ideal place for bacteria to reproduce and up to 30% of them are transmitted to their owners. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands after talking on the phone and avoid using them during meals.

6 Steps To Wash Your Hands

These days, more than ever, we are seeing that, in addition to maintaining hand hygiene, it must be done correctly, lasting more than 20 seconds, following six phases. Before you start, cover the palm of your hand with soap, preferably liquid, or a hydroalcoholic substance.

These are the six steps for proper hand hygiene:

  1. Palms of the hands. Rub palm to palm
  2. Back. With the palm of the right hand, we rub the back of the left hand and repeat the same with the opposite hand
  3. Between the fingers. Palm to palm with interlaced fingers we rub them so there are no gaps
  4. Tight fingers. Rubbing the back of the fingers of one hand against the opposite palm as if holding your fingers
  5. Thumbs Friction by rotation of the fingers on the left hand closed around the right thumb and vice versa
  6. Use the yolks. Rotational friction of the fingertips of the right hand against the left palm and vice versa.

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