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How To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Family And Stay Healthy

Staying at home does not have to become an abandonment of healthy habits. Both children and adults must find a way to take care of ourselves and not get carried away by boredom or the discomfort of not being able to leave the house.

So that you do not get so uphill these days, we compiled a series of practical tips that will help you better manage the situation.

How To Deal With The Children?

It is essential to strike a balance between relaxing the rules and maintaining healthy habits, as occurs during vacation periods. It is normal that they are nervous as well as bored, and we must be the ones who find the way to normalize the situation as much as we can, combining tasks that allow us to advance in the course with other playful ones that let the imagination fly and maintain body and mind. fit.

To help us so that family life does not deteriorate, and the children follow certain schedules, we can apply these recommendations:

Continue with school hours. Both bedtime and meal times have probably been disrupted. But we have to do our part so that, as far as possible, the children follow the schedule of the school period. Therefore, it is vital that the child gets the necessary hours of sleep, going to bed as usual and getting up early, trying to coincide with the parents’ schedule. We should also try it with meals so that they meet that characteristic regularity of the school year.

Plan a time for homework, rest and free leisure. At the same time, we must avoid the abuse of electronic devices. It is logical that we show ourselves more flexible since it is a special situation, but they should not, therefore, take up a large part of their day.

Organize new activities. So that children can free their minds and at the same time share time with us, we can help them with family games, for example, children’s recipes, crafts or test tracks with things we have at home, such as cushions, chairs, cabinets…

Stick to your responsibilities. They can continue helping us with simple tasks, such as tidying up their room, putting away toys …

Maintain certain limits and rules so that, on the way back, everything is easier.

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Healthy Tips For Daily Lifestyle

Being at home 24 hours a day is not an excuse to leave a healthy lifestyle. It is true that physical activity is complicated without leaving home, but this does not mean that we have to be totally stopped or neglecting food. Dare to continue taking care of yourself with these tips:

Healthy Nutrition

It is advisable to eat five meals each day, trying to continue the schedules and avoiding that more than three or four hours go by without eating. It is also not advisable to skip meals. As a guide you can follow these recommendations:

  • Start the day with a fruit, a dairy and a hydrate.
  • In the middle of the morning, you can have… a fruit, low-fat yoghurt or a small sandwich of York ham or light cheese, for example.
  • In the afternoon try… a dairy with cereals, for example.
  • Always include fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose more fish than meat.
  • The fried ones, it is preferable that they are specific food and, when preparing them, olive oil is used.
  • Low-calorie sauces, such as a vinaigrette or natural tomato. Discard the mayonnaise.

    If you want a delicious and healthy drink that also keeps you busy during the preparation, you can follow the steps to make healthy ice cream and soft drinks at home, involving the rest of the family.

Avoid A Sedentary Lifestyle

Yes, this point is very complicated, in fact, the easiest thing is to sit on the sofa and watch series or movies … However, we encourage you to get up from time to time and stay active, for example, imitating (or inventing, why no) simple dance choreographies or playing track games, such as hiding some “treasure”, which must then be discovered.

In addition, these days it is easy to find exercise routines on the internet to keep us in shape and, in fact, there are athletes and coaches who are uploading videos of how to do it to deal with the sedentary lifestyle that staying at home as protection against the coronavirus can cause.

It should be added that these guidelines are also beneficial for children, since it is important that they follow a healthy diet, and we avoid giving in to the infinite whims that will arise these days.

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