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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil

What is CBD oil? What are its effects? How to use it? So many relevant questions that deserve a detailed answer. And that is exactly what we are going to do in this dossier devoted to it.

Understanding what CBD oil is

Is its consumption legal?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify a grey area present in some of you. We invite you to move on to the next part of our dossier dedicated to CBD oil for those who already have the answer.

So is this oil legal? To a certain extent, yes! However, a very strict legal framework exists in many countries. It should therefore be scrupulously respected under penalty of heavy penalties.

The use of a cannabis plant is authorized as soon as one uses only its seeds and fibres. Thus, each product you find in an online coffee shop, or in general, for all stores in France, must respect this law to become salable.

As you will have understood, hemp flowers and leaves are not authorized for sale. Nevertheless, this part of French law is tending more and more to become more flexible. Therefore, it sometimes happens that you find stores that offer them.

In contrast, other directives do not seem to be likely to change over time. This is, for example, the case of the levels of CBD and the levels of THC contained in the products.

First, CBD has no percentage limit. You could very well find a product with a percentage of 100% legally.

But! The case of THC is quite different. It is the main psychoactive molecule in cannabis. For this reason, its presence is monitored with great vigilance. Each of the products produced must use a portion of the plants with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

Here are the main things to know from a legal point of view. Now, we are going to explain the different methods used for making CBD oil.

How is it made?

Usually, the extraction of CBD oil is done through three different processes.

1. Liquid Chemical Solvent Extraction

Simple and inexpensive, this extraction method is mainly chosen to make e-liquids or CBD dyes, which will be used in particular in textiles.

How does it work? As we said, the technique is simple. The pieces of hemp are placed in a balloon containing, for example, ethanol or butane. Alcohol will play the role of the separator. The cannabinoid molecules (CBD) will come out and be separated from the plant material.

Then the liquid is removed by evaporation. The flask will be heated to the correct temperature. Once the process is complete, only the molecules that interest us are left.

2. CO2 Extraction

More complex and above all more expensive, it has the advantage of offering a much purer oil than the previous method.

Using a closed-circuit extractor and carbon dioxide, it will be possible to recover CBD oil with little residue. The seeds and stems follow different chambers. Each room corresponds to a different step in the process.

The CO2 extractor is used in many fields. It allows you to separate the molecule you want to recover from the others where many other methods are not as precise.

3. Vegetable Oil Extraction

The most natural of the ways to do this, vegetable oil extraction is typically used to make CBD oil creams, ointments, or capsules.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, olive oil and sesame oil are used to extract the molecule. Why? Simply because they are the most effective at extracting CBD from hemp plants.

Due to their extraction process, they do not keep for long. We recommend that you quickly consume your CBD products if they have been prepared in this way.

Why is CBD oil interesting?

Along with a craze that has become increasingly important around the molecule in recent years, scientific studies are multiplying mainly across the Atlantic. At first glance, most reviews show that CBD would have far more positive effects than negative effects.

The use of hemp for its virtues is not new. For several centuries now, this plant has been used by breeders. It allowed them to take care of animals like cows.

Furthermore, we know that they used it to design textiles. On the other hand, we knew less than hemp for its therapeutic virtues in very specific cases.

Its positive effects on the body

What is the scientific community saying today?

CBD oil would reduce inflammation. Thus, it is a seriously interesting avenue for fighting cancer cells or improving the comfort of the life of people with an autoimmune disease for some researchers.

Brian F. Thomas, an American specialist and researcher, suggests that CBD (in all its forms) may help some people relieve their many seizures. And that’s not all! It would appear that schizophrenia with its neurotic episodes would be reduced thanks to the consumption of cannabinoids.

The patches of eczema and other skin problems can sometimes become additional stress and a growing complex in some individuals. If this is your case, keep hope! Experiments have shown that CBD oil applied and massaged on the affected areas improves the epidermis state of health.

Its positive effects on the mind

CBD may well help anxious, and stressed people fight their worries and relieve their ailments. Placebo effect or not, only the next studies will confirm it.

Friends who smoke, whether tobacco or cannabis, wishing to quit, we have an alternative for you. According to several scientists, you could use CBD oil to help you transition from smoker to non-smoker.

Besides, CBD would have the enormous advantage of not creating an additional addiction or which would replace the previous one. Indeed, so far, everything suggests that regular consumption does not create dependence.

Precautions to know before using CBD Oil

Like many good things, whether chocolate, sugar or coffee, it is important to follow a few precautions to enjoy what you love without inconvenience. And CBD is no exception to the rule.

First of all, if you are a pregnant woman, we recommend that you do not consume CBD oils for your own sake and your child’s good. This recommendation could apply to all products made from CBD.

The CBD oils are only food supplements.

They cannot be considered as drugs and even less used as such. It is essential to keep this statement in mind. You are speaking of medicine! If you are under treatment, be sure to read the package leaflet carefully or simply consult your doctor’s advice. CBD oil can sometimes interact with medications. It is, therefore, essential to seek medical advice so as not to take any risk.

Finally, we advise you to consume it only when you are at home or not driving right after. Quite simply because its consumption can sometimes cause drowsiness or dizziness, for these reasons, we recommend that you choose the content of your oil well to maintain full control.

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