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Eyelid Surgery: More Than A Fresh Look

No more frozen glasses or cucumber slices on the eyes. For those who can no longer carry their suitcases. Under their eyes, the radical treatment is still surgery of the four eyelids, or more rarely of the two lower eyelids.

Inform yourself well before you decide. To feel ready, discover the details of the procedure and its risks. In parallel, find a cosmetic surgeon’s point of view and a patient’s testimony on cosmetic eye surgery.

Eyelid Surgery for a New Look: What to know above all

To all those who have bags under their eyes. It comes with time and loosening of the tissues, but it can go very early, with heredity quirks.

Therefore, the surgery of the eyelids is aimed at all those who are too marked dark circles or have lids that fall. And who is not afraid to pass into the hands of a surgeon.

The Origin of Dark Circles

The bags under the eyes are pockets of fat. The fat periorbital. She doesn’t show up with age; she’s there all the time. What changes over the years is the containment of the tissues. It works a bit like a hernia: the wall can no longer retain its contents; it weakens and expands. This is what happens on the lower eyelids and the upper eyelids, especially at the corner of the eye and at the eyelid crease.

What you should do

You must consult your surgeon for the first time, and especially not hesitate to discuss at length all practical questions with him. He will give you documentation and must provide you all the information about the procedure. Don’t forget to ask him for a quote. You will see it again at least fifteen days later, after having thought it through carefully and signed your estimate if you are ready. This is the legal deadline.

Necessary: Before any eyelid intervention, you must perform a complete ophthalmic assessment. The objective is to evaluate by a specific test the adequate secretion of your tears. Prior consultation with an anesthesiologist is also necessary.

Your surgeon will generally offer you general anesthesia (more precisely, neuroleptanalgesia, a light “flash” anesthesia). But be aware that some practitioners agree to operate under local anesthesia. It is up to you to know if you are ready to endure this type of intervention at eye level.

The eyelid operation lasts about an hour and a half for all four eyelids.

Depending on the clinic, you will come home in the morning and come out in the evening. But you could also be hospitalized the day before. Or sometimes even come out the day after the eyelid operation, in the absence of any complications.

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Details of the intervention

Your surgeon will remove the excess fat around your eyes, like a kind of mini- liposuction. Then he will have the choice: either perform an eyelid lift; either tighten the skin using the laser or the peel (this involves using light energy for the laser, or chemicals for the peel to “burn” the tissues, which causes their regeneration). Moreover, some surgeons no longer practice only peels or lasers to treat the lower eyelid skin. There have been several failed operations where the patient finds herself with a round eye, her skin too tight.

The ablation of the pockets of fat remains strictly surgical. It is done without scar by the trans-conjunctival route, that is to say, from the inside of the eyelid, by incising the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.

After the operation

Again, it all depends on the surgeons. Some prefer closed dressings; others opt instead for simple ophthalmic compresses. If no complications occur, you may have some difficulty reading or watching television within two days of the procedure. The hematoma usually appears a little later: in 48 hours.

We cannot speak of postoperative pain but a feeling of tightness. The threads are usually removed five days after the operation. Expect to keep your eyes swollen for about ten days. The second monitoring visit will be carried out three weeks later.

The risks

The main risk is “round eye” syndrome. The surgeon has pulled too much on the skin, and your eyes are perpetually astonished. We must operate again.

Another significant risk: intraocular hematoma. The eye begins to swell impressively. There, it is essential not to wait. The blood bag must be evacuated immediately. Otherwise, you will lose sight.

Finally, there are infectious risks or those associated with anesthesia.

On this operation, its results, and its risks, also read our sheet on eyelid surgery.

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Advice from a Specialist and a Patients

What are the immediate results of Eyelid Surgery?

The aesthetic rendering of the eyelid operation is exciting. Patients who go through eyelid surgery are generally delighted. Patients have an immediate impression of “good looks”. It is, the most spectacular operation in cosmetic surgery . It is not a simple or easy intervention. We have to be extremely vigilant. Above all, we must respect the function of the eye and preserve the patient’s gaze.

In which case do we operate only the lower Eyelids?

It can be limited to lower eyelid surgery if it is either a young person with premature and often large bags or a man in his sixties who wants to soften the bags without touching the upper eyelids.

Why did you decide to have your Eyelids operated on?

I had big pockets of fat on my upper eyelids, and my eyes were droopy. I needed it, but I was afraid to do it. Some of my friends had undergone this type of surgery but still had scars. I was scared. But I needed it.

Are you satisfied with it?

I am more than happy. I am delighted. It completely changed me. And I saw the result very quickly from the second week. Everyone started paying me compliments, telling me that I had beautified. It changed me.

Have you suffered from Hematomas?

I did not stop working. I continued my professional activities. I just wore sunglasses for a few days. I had no pain. Merely a little feeling of tightness.

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