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Balanced Breakfast: How To Start The Day Well

Some celebrate their breakfast. Others can’t get anything down in the morning – but that’s not the decisive factor.

No time, not hungry, not awake… There are many reasons not to have breakfast. But some don’t function well without breakfast, or just like it too much and celebrate the first meal of the day – both are perfectly fine.

But if you still like to have breakfast or are simply hungry, you should give some thought to your breakfast choice. Here you will find various suggestions for different forms of a delicious and balanced breakfast.

What Must A Good Breakfast Be Able To Do?

Eating breakfast is ideal if it provides us with around 25 percent of our daily energy intake, about 350 to 450 calories. And that should include all food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, and fibre.

Ideally, you think of breakfast as a proper meal, whether you eat it at 7 a.m. at home or work around 10 a.m.

Fruit or fresh vegetables are also very good for you in the morning. They provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. It is best to eat an apple, berries, tomatoes, or cucumber, for example, to get healthy fibre.

Don’t Forget Drinks

Make sure that you take liquid as a drink. This can be a glass of water and coffee or tea, preferably without sugar.

You shouldn’t count smoothies just as a drink, but rather as part of the meal, because the fruits also provide a lot of energy and sugar.

These Powerhouses Deliver Energy

According to your taste, milk, yoghourt and quark go perfectly with a sufficient portion of protein. Calcium goes perfectly with your breakfast, whether in muesli or as quark with wholemeal bread. Of course, ham, egg, and cheese are good protein sources, but you should pay attention to their low salt and fat content.

Which Breakfast Fills You Up For A Long Time?

Breakfast is not just breakfast. We have a whole army of products at our disposal today regarding pastries. But a good breakfast keeps you full for a long time, so you should use exclusive grain products.

These include oatmeal, wholemeal bread, and wholemeal rolls, which are much more filling than pure white flour products such as toast or croissants due to the complex carbohydrates they contain. It also gives your body essential minerals and dietary fibre.

This Is Not A Balanced Breakfast

Yeast plait, croissants, pretzels, and other pastries are tasty, but they are also relatively high in calories (380 to 450 kcal/100 g). You should only treat yourself to these delicacies on special occasions (Sundays or public holidays)!

By the way, muesli should be avoided by everyone who pays attention to their shape. The only exception is oatmeal or muesli without sugar. All other muesli preparations are usually very high in calories and sugar (350 kcal/100 g on average).

Not Hungry In The Morning?

By the way, skipping breakfast isn’t such a bad thing. At least that’s what a study by a research group from the US Department of Nutrition and the local obesity society has shown.

Even if the vernacular thinks otherwise, going directly to the breakfast table is unnecessary after jumping out of bed. It is much better to calmly prepare for the day and wait until hunger comes by itself. The feeling of enthusiasm doesn’t want to set in? Then prepare a take-away breakfast for you.

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