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6 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Have you taken a good resolution to refine your silhouette? Truck Mania is determined to help you find a flat stomach and promote the balance of your intestinal flora. Here are five exercises to do at home, followed by advice on how to adapt your diet. With a little effort and investment, you will see your abdominal belt melt away and your digestion improves.

Start The Session With Abdominal Breathing

To start a session well and get in shape, Truck Mania advises starting with abdominal breathing. They will allow you to approach the following exercises with serenity. You will lie on your back and bend your legs. Your arms are positioned alongside your body. Now you need to take a deep breath, expanding your stomach.

Then breathe out slowly and for a long time, contracting your abdominal muscles as much as possible. You will feel your belly relax and then widen, and you can also put your hands on it to appreciate the muscle contractions better. This exercise is relaxing and an excellent introduction to achieving a complete session intended to lose belly.

Test The Effectiveness Of The Boat Pose

You put your mat on the floor and sit in the center. You will inhale with force and place your pelvis back when you exhale so that it comes off the ground. Your pubis is oriented as if facing the ceiling. You will feel your belly widen, and a muscle contraction will appear.

Then, raise your feet and extend your arms toward your knees without touching them. Maintain this balance and breathe at least ten times deeply. This exercise is interesting because it forces all your abdominal muscles to work together. By contracting, they become more toned, and you will observe a natural loss of volume in the belly by dint of repetition and work.

Slim Your Stomach And Build Your Butt With Squats

Squats are engaging exercises because they allow you to simultaneously lose weight in your stomach and strengthen your buttocks. The entire abdominal strap is firmed up, with the bonus of efficiency around the pelvis. To do squats, stand up straight with your legs shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms horizontally while looking far ahead.

Concentrate so your feet are perfectly stable and well anchored to the ground while being parallel. Inhale deeply, and go down on your knees to position your thighs parallel to the ground. It would help if you formed a right angle between your calves and thighs. Then come back up while exhaling and relaxing your arms. Keep your back straight and not round it when you bend your knees.

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Go For A Real Sheathing While Doing The Plank

Sheathing (also called the plank) is a highly effective exercise feared by athletes because it requires actual involvement. By working this exercise, you will contract the deep muscles and the back and abdominal muscles. You will also work the muscles of the pelvis, lower limbs, and hips.

To perform this tremendous exercise, lie on your stomach and support yourself on your forearms. Then stand on tiptoe; your body should be straight, like a board. Contract your buttocks and abdominal strap so that all the muscles become one. You will exhale profoundly and slowly ten times while keeping this posture. Then take a minute or two to relax before moving on to the next exercise.

Train With The Pedal Boat

This exercise is fascinating, provided you do it slowly and steadily. Indeed, it is not a question of doing a speed contest but working the muscles in depth. You are lying on your back, and will support your neck by sliding your hands underneath. Your elbows are spread outwards, and you must now bend your legs to form a 90° angle with your pelvis. As you raise your legs, focus on the muscles in your stomach that you will contract the most.

Then extend one leg in front of you, as when pressing a pedal, alternate with the second leg. Proceed slowly and try to go as far as possible with your toes. Perform two sets of a dozen movements, pausing briefly in between. For this exercise to be effective, try to dig in your stomach well and ensure that your lower back is always in contact with the ground. Your buttocks should remain static and not move during the exercise, which you should perform slowly and steadily.

Choose Your Diet Well To Lose Belly Fat

The first piece of advice is to stay hydrated, primarily if you practice a sporting activity. The Truck Mania method involves drinking water, tea, or infusion, mainly between meals. Here are the foods to favor in order not to gain a belly and keep a flat stomach:

Fibers, Yes But Without Abusing Them

Fiber is known to improve intestinal transit and give a feeling of satiety which will prevent you from eating more than you need. Be careful not to consume more than 30 grams per day.

Vegetables Are Flat-Stomach Friends

Rich in fiber and water, vegetables are known to drain the body, and you should eat them in small quantities when raw and prefer steamed vegetables.

Probiotics To Supplement A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Yogurts and fermented milk help to promote your intestinal balance. In small quantities, pickles, soy derivatives, and unpasteurized beer are good allies for preserving intestinal flora. So, are you ready to strengthen your abdominal strap to have a flat stomach before summer?

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