12 Tips For Sleeping Well When You’re Pregnant

It is sometimes difficult to fall asleep when you are pregnant. And it’s even more complicated in the last trimester of pregnancy… However, expectant mothers need much rest to be healthy and prepare for the baby’s arrival. Are you expecting a happy event and looking for some advice to slide gently into the arms of Morpheus? Here are 12 tips to help you sleep better.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Back

Did you know? When approaching the end of pregnancy, avoiding sleeping on your back is best. For what? Because this position compresses the vascular system. As you understand, this reduces blood flow and can even cause slight discomfort. Can’t fall asleep in another posture? Slip a small cushion under your hip to release the vena cava and limit the compression.

Lie On Your Side

When you reach the end of a pregnancy, sleeping on your side is much more comfortable. It is even the recommended position to avoid compressing the blood system and promote placental circulation. Do you have trouble falling asleep in this position? Try slipping a cushion between your legs to relieve your back.

Buy A Nursing Pillow

Have you decided to bottle-feed your baby? Don’t deprive yourself of a nursing pillow, though! This somewhat bulky accessory will become your best friend in the last trimester of pregnancy. Thanks to it, you can raise your bust to avoid gastric reflux or improve blood circulation in your lower limbs by simply placing it under your feet. And that’s not all! This tool, filled with microbeads, adapts to the curves of your body in an instant. You can therefore use it as a pillow or put it under your arm to wedge your belly.

Eat Light Before Bed

Who says pregnancy says cravings at all hours of the day and night? However, it would help if you did not succumb to all your desires before bed to avoid being bothered all night by acid reflux. You should, for example, avoid spicy or fatty dishes at dinner and remember to have this last meal of the day at least an hour and a half before lying down.

Get Some Exercise During The Day

You’re tired, and your ligaments hurt… You want to sit in front of the TV, but it’s a bad idea if you want to have a restful night. And yes! You must be active even at the end of the pregnancy. Of course, it’s not about going to the gym or putting in an intensive effort. A simple daily walk will do just fine! Thanks to this “well-being” ritual, you will seriously reduce stress while energizing your cardiovascular system. And that’s not all! Gentle walking promotes digestive comfort and preserves the joints.

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Treat Yourself To Comfortable Maternity Pajamas

It’s time to treat yourself! Head to the mall to pick up some soft, flexible maternity pajamas that will move with your body throughout the night without turning into a straitjacket. What kind of clothes should I choose? Choose pajamas over nightgowns to avoid getting wrapped up in your outfit in the middle of the night, and choose soft cotton or a breathable fiber to limit heat and sweat.

Run A Good Bath

Before bed, treat yourself to a cocooning moment in the bathroom. For this, run a good bath by adding some scented salts. Light 2 or 3 candles and arrange them all around the tub. Play soft music to complete the mood. You will love this moment of comfort!

Practice Breathing Exercises

You have just slipped under the sheets and are already afraid of being unable to sleep… Close your eyes for a few moments. You will practice some breathing exercises to soothe your mind and eliminate tension. I was wondering how to do it. It’s easy!

  • Just take a long breath while counting to 5 in your head;
  • Then hold your breath for a count of 5 again;
  • Breathe out slowly for 5 counts, then hold your breath again;
  • Continue this exercise for a few minutes until you feel its soothing effects.

Limit Caffeine In All Its Forms

Caffeine is not recommended if you have trouble sleeping. You should even banish this substance from your diet. Avoid drinking coffee, caffeinated sodas, or other exciting drinks to do this. You should also limit your tea intake, especially at the end of the day.

Raise The Legs Of Your Bed

To promote sleep, you can raise the legs of your bed by slipping a rolled-up towel under the mattress, for example. For what? Because pregnant women tend to have heavy legs at the end of pregnancy. This is due to 2 things: a sluggish blood system and water retention. As you will have understood, slightly raising your legs boost venous return and lymphatic drainage.

Prepare Yourself A Good Cup Of Herbal Tea

Some plants have extraordinary virtues! This is the case with chamomile, lime blossom, and lavender, which promote falling asleep and improve sleep quality. Do you like to have hot drinks before going to bed? Prepare yourself with a good cup of natural infusion!

Chill Out With A Good Movie

When you’re struggling to sleep, having fun is better than tossing and turning in bed. Can’t close your eyes? No problem! Give yourself a moment of relaxation before a film or a series. It will help you let go. And if you’re not a fan of screens, then go for a good book!

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