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Why Is Breakfast The Central Feast Of The Day?

Why is breakfast the central feast of the day? This article will explain why having a decent breakfast is fundamental for a reliable way of life. To confront the day-to-day assignments, it is vital to start on the right foot in the first part of the day, and one of the ways of doing this is to set up a great breakfast, considered by specialists to be the fundamental dinner of the day. The frenetic lifestyles, however, have ended up relegating her to a snack to be consumed quickly, perhaps drinking a quick coffee and nothing else.

Nothing could be more wrong: to face the twenty-four hours ahead of you correctly, you must complete, as far as possible, with due calm. Instead, getting up a little earlier to have enough time to enjoy it in peace is preferable. Deciding not to do it is often a matter of laziness, which risks making you get into the bad habit of skipping it. To prevent this from happening, knowing the positive implications brought by this meal to the body is essential.

The Benefits Of A Good Breakfast

First, the body is like a car: it needs gasoline to function correctly and work efficiently, especially after a night’s rest. However, this ” fuel ” must be able to give the correct charge without causing a sense of heaviness, managing simultaneously to satiate. An undertaking that is anything but simple, made possible by choosing to consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, ideal for not straining the digestive system while improving physical endurance, attention span, and memorization. A good breakfast also reduces the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, cardiovascular, obesity, and diabetes because, if done correctly, it avoids the intake during the day of calorie foods that contain a high percentage of fat, are incredibly saturated, and are harmful to the heart.

Contrary to what dieters might believe, breakfast speeds up metabolism, helping to burn calories throughout the day. On the contrary, skipping breakfast can trigger mechanisms capable of slowing down weight loss, and it is for this reason diets include three main meals, to which small snacks are added during the day. This aspect is closely related to the ” hole in the stomach ” created by circumventing it, which would lead to continually eating sweet and savory snacks with all the problems associated with their reckless intake. Furthermore, the danger is getting to gorge at lunchtime, straining digestion, and triggering a vicious circle that will result in a drop in concentration and performance in the afternoon.

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What A Proper Breakfast Should Be Like

To ensure that breakfast gives the necessary benefits, it is essential that it is first of all regular and balanced: this means that it must be consumed every day without excuses or attempts to postpone it and that it must give the proper caloric intake based on age and lifestyle. It must also be a pleasant meal to face due to calmness in a comfortable environment. Laziness can be lousy advice for skipping breakfast and establishing the habit of eating the same thing every morning, an action to be avoided absolutely. In the variety of foods chosen, however, the winning combination for a good breakfast remains carbohydrates-proteins, which promote a sense of satiety and avoid insulin peaks and blood sugar fluctuations.

What To Eat And What Not To

Summing up, based on the considerations just made, to ensure that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is good to insert bread and rusks, or biscuits and cereals, to be combined with protein foods, like milk or yogurt. The first can also be served in personalized mugs, mixed with coffee, to have a double daily charge, given by the energizing drink and the use of a colored or customized container. Fruit is indispensable and rich in vitamins, fiber, and simple sugars. To be added, why not yogurt? Snacks must be avoided, as their ingredients include a marked predominance of sugars of all kinds and quantities. The same goes for fruit juices, which, despite what the name may reveal, contain very little and are hyper-sugary and with deficient levels of vitamin C.

However, saccharides should not be excluded a priori from breakfast but consumed in the correct dose, finding them, for example, in jams, better if homemade so as not to introduce too many refined sugars into the diet. As an alternative to the sweet breakfast, you can think of the savory one, again trying not to opt for too heavy or elaborate products, focusing instead on simple and tasty foods. Regarding fruit, avocado is super popular for a healthy savory breakfast. With its buttery texture and delicate taste, perfect for spreading on toast. Scrambled eggs can be used as an accompaniment, to which you can add a little yogurt, a healthier alternative to cream, to soften them.

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