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Healthy Eating: You Are What You Eat!

A balanced diet is one of the critical points of a healthy lifestyle. In growing numbers of overweight children and adults, the topic is more relevant than ever. In addition to a decent amount of sport and exercise and a reasonable attitude towards smoking, alcohol, or other adverse influences, many people consciously concentrate on healthy eating again. It is not uncommon for this to completely change one’s eating habits to avoid, heal or prevent diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes or metabolic disorders and being overweight . In a cooking class, you can learn how to eat healthily.

But What Does It Mean To Eat Healthily?

Does it mean giving up pleasure? From now on, no fat and no sugar, just lettuce? The subject of “healthy eating” is wrongly fraught with prejudice. Eating consciously and healthily does not necessarily have anything to do with doing without. You gain something in addition to entirely new taste experiences, definitely a healthier lifestyle. Now the range of finished products on the market has become unmanageable. Without a doubt, the temptation is great; instead of cleaning a crunchy salad in the evening and arranging it with dressing, stir the bag with the delicious ready-made pasta into the water – done. Of course, the topics of self-discipline and healthy eating are intertwined. This means that a ready-made meal may be included, but rather as an exception.

Tips For A Healthy Diet:

So what does a healthy meal plan look like in general? The German Society for Nutrition pronounces some basic rules that are difficult to follow. A reasonable basis for every diet are:


They are contained in potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables, and fruit. However, there is a slight restriction; it should be whole grain products, except for people who cannot tolerate them for health reasons. They contain a lot of roughage and valuable vitamins and minerals.


It’s not frowned upon, but it should be kept to a minimum and be as low in fat as possible. Once a week, a meat dish as the main course is sufficient, unlike fish. It is very healthy, especially deep-sea fish containing a lot of iodine, vital for our body. In addition, fish brings healthy fats that are good for our body.


Fat is not just fast; it is healthy and unhealthy. The latter are saturated fatty acids; they are mainly found in sausage and cheese. These unsaturated fatty acids increase cholesterol levels. Therefore, only a third of the daily fat ratio should consist of it. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are healthier. Monounsaturated fatty acids are best for our health and should be a priority on the menu. They are found, for example, in olive and rapeseed oil. These fats even can lower cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, polyunsaturated fatty acids may not meet more than one-third of the daily fat requirement. But they are healthy too. Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, are even able to improve brain performance.

Fruit And Vegetables:

Both are always possible, as often and as much as you want. It should be at least two servings of fruit a day. Not from the can, but fresh. No matter what form it is processed in, whether as a fruit salad, side dish, snack, or delicious smoothie. It’s similar to vegetables; at least three portions a day are welcome. Fresh vegetable sticks are an excellent substitute for a small snack, where a high-calorie and sweet snack might otherwise have found its place. Eating vegetables also means eating plenty of healthy legumes.


In particular, nuts and legumes contain a lot of protein, so there is no need to rely on meat as the primary source of protein. But the same applies here: in moderation, too much is unhealthy.


Not only solid food is part of a balanced diet. The drinks also want to be carefully selected. Avoid sweetened lemonades and sugared nectar or ready-made iced teas. Unsweetened teas, mineral water, diluted juices, or spritzers quench thirst and do not unnecessarily burden the body. Coffee is ok, in moderation as always. Even a glass of alcohol from time to time does not harm but should remain the exception rather than the rule. All in all, the adult body needs at least two liters of fluid a day; three would be better.

Dairy Products:

Provided one does not suffer from an intolerance to milk; they should not be missing from the daily menu. It contains essential calcium and is healthy. Attention should be paid to the quality of the dairy products; why not even an unsweetened natural yogurt with fresh fruit instead of flavored strawberry yogurt that has never seen a fruit.


It should generally be kept as low as possible. Honey is an excellent alternative to refined white sugar if you can’t do it without sweetening. Hidden sources of sugar should also not be overlooked, in drinks or pastries, even in ready-made dressings or flavored mineral water.

These basic rules combined with sufficient exercise and a healthy lifestyle will bring you well-being. Enjoy your meal, take your time for dinner and put aside the hustle and bustle for a moment. That, too, is healthy. And with all the good nutrition for yourself, you might still be a role model for your children at the same time because the first ten years of life in particular shape the eating habits for the rest of life.

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