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Infinite Recovery: Is This The Best Rehabilitation Facility In Texas?

It is great that you have made the decision to quit your substance abuse. At the same time, we would like to remind you that it is not an easy journey at all. The path of addiction recovery is indeed a tough one. That is why you will require the helping hands of some caring professionals.

They will be able to help throughout the journey from start to end. If you are searching for some suggestions, we will take the name of Infinite Recovery. It is one of the best drug rehab centers. Infinite Recovery provides a drug rehab in Dallas, along with three more locations.

Here, in this article, we will offer you the necessary information about Infinite Recovery.

What Is Infinite Recovery?

Infinite Recovery is one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Texas. It offers specialized treatment for any type of substance abuse. They believe in a recovery program that lasts. With their infinite experience, you will be able to get a specialized approach for the transition from addiction to recovery.

Offerings Of Infinite Recovery

Now, you get the basic idea about infinite recovery. It is the time to gather some detailed information about their offerings or what you can expect from infinite recovery.

1: Intervention

Any type of addiction recovery journey starts with intervention. It is the complete process of any type of substance abuse recovery. Intervention is nothing but a complete treatment program utilized by the mental health community.

Here are some of the main features which are making the intervention in Infinite recovery different from others.


  • Start to finish transportation is offered.
  • All the intervention experts are certified.
  • Continue family consultations along with individual care.

2: Detox

Detoxification is nothing but the process when your body gets rid of all the harmful substances. During this time, the individual, who has stopped taking the substance, they are addicted to it. As a result, several withdrawal symptoms occur.

The individual requires special attention and medical care in order to combat all those withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal even can be life-taking, but when you are at Infinite Recovery, you do not need to worry at all.


  • A completely distraction-free environment on a 3-acre urban retreat.
  • A 24/7 onsite medical team is offered.
  • Experienced in comprehensive medical detox.
  • Residential stabilization provides established positive life practices.

3: Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs are considered the best type of addiction treatment program, as the potential triggers to addiction are not present here. Apart from that, the individual also gets complete treatment and stays within medical supervision.


  • 24/7 onsite nursing provided.
  • Get started with the famous 12-step program.
  • 100-acre ranch on the San Gabriel River.
  • Highly experienced personalized clinical treatment.
  • Meditation and intensive mindfulness practices are taught.

4: Extended Care PHP

PHP stands for the partial hospitalized program. As we have mentioned earlier, during the recovery days, the patient will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Some of the symptoms can be really severe and cause long-term issues in the patient.

In the worst cases, or in case any unpleasant accident takes place, the PHP program will help the patient with all the hospitalization matters. So, you are getting a complete package here.


  • The specialized trailer treatment program for fulfilling all your requirements.
  • 24/7 gender-specific housing.
  • Integrated Dynamic Family Programming.
  • Offers personalized trauma-based yoga.

5: Intensive Outpatient

In the case of teenagers’ addiction issues, most of the parents wish to keep their children to themselves and do not want to go for inpatient or residential recovery treatment. The outpatient recovery treatment program is also great here in Infinite Recovery.


  • Both group and individual counseling are provided.
  • All the available clinicians are mastered in their jobs.
  • Both daytime programs are available for 3 to 5 days a week, along with night programs.

6: Sober Living

In case you are thinking about opting for the residential treatment program, along with the treatment, you will also need to have a look at what it seems like to live here. Trust us; they got everything covered. All the centers are located at the heart of the 4 cities.

They are designed well to offer you all the essentials while you are living there, along with a treatment-friendly environment.


  • Gender-specific homes are available.
  • Too convenient as it is located in the heart of the cities.

7: Family

Both in developing an addiction and quitting an addiction, family plays a huge role. That is why Infinite Recovery always puts extra stress on family therapies and counseling. Along with the individual who is suffering from addiction, their families also need to handle a lot.

So, along with the patient, their families also need a certain level of treatment or therapy. Infinite Recovery also got it covered.


  • It also helps families to heal.
  • Both over the phone and onsite family counseling are offered.
  • Everything comes out of any extra cost.

8: Alumni

The best part is that they also have a specially designed after-treatment care program for each of their alumni. They also believe that recovery never ends. That is why they are ready to cover you in case you make any mistake after the treatment is completed.


  • For alumni, aftercare programs are also available.
  • Recovery check-ins and monitoring.
  • For building a healthy community, weekly events are also designed.
  • With free entertainment and free food, monthly block parties are also organized.

9: Insurance

Infinite recovery centers also offer insurance for the recovery treatment plan. Following are the major insurance providers that have included Infinite Recovery as their partner center.

  • Oscar
  • Health Smart
  • Humana
  • Optum
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Baylor Scott and White
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Ambetter

10: Services Areas

If you are thinking about whether it is located, let us tell you the details. In Texas, Infinite Recovery is located in 4 major cities. The centers are equipped to provide high-class treatment along with residential services.

Here are the sites where Infinite Recovery has its centers.

  • San Antonio
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Austin
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