Constant Neck Pain? These Five Simple Exercises Are Guaranteed To Help!

Ouch, even the slightest movement hurts. The neck pain is uncomfortable. However, targeted exercises ensure a rapid improvement in the symptoms.

Anyone who sits at a desk all day knows neck pain all too well. After a few hours in a rigid position in front of the PC, your neck and shoulders are tense. The excellent news: neck pain disappears quickly with appropriate exercises. And: With exactly these exercises you can also prevent neck pain very well.

In most cases, neck pain results from postural problems that lead to overworked neck and shoulder muscles. Bend forward and make sure that you set up your workplace to be back-friendly. The chair should be adjusted so that the legs are at a 90-degree angle. Your forehead should be level with the top edge of the screen, your eyes looking slightly down.

So that neck pain doesn’t stand a chance, you should do the following exercises regularly in between. They not only help against acute symptoms but also prevent tension. It is best to take short breaks periodically and stretch your muscles. You can do the exercises at home or at your desk in the office.

Neck Pain: Exercises At Work

Exercise 1:

Lateral Muscle Stretch Stand up straight or sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight. Tilts your head to the left, pulling it slightly towards your shoulder. To properly stretch the right side of your neck, you should somewhat remove your right shoulder while doing this. Hold for 3 seconds, then do the same on the other side. Repeat at will.

Exercise 2: Massage For Neck Pain

Exercise is good, but massaging the painful area is even better, especially when the neck pain is already causing tension headaches.

Sit relaxed, and tilt your head forward. Put your hands loosely on the back of your head and put your thumbs in the hollow next to your ears. Massage the area with gentle pressure in a circular motion. Gradually work your way up to the top of the cervical spine. Massage each point for a few seconds, then stop and take a short break.

Exercise 3: Shoulder Circles

You can do this exercise either standing or sitting. Maintain an upright posture. At the same time, rotate your shoulders forward 20 times, then back 20 times.

Variant: You can stretch out your arms at shoulder height and then let your arms rotate forwards and backwards.

Exercise 4: Back Stretch Stand Up Straight

Clasps hands behind back, arms stretched. Pull your arms up slightly and place your chin on your chest. Hold for a few seconds. Three repetitions.

Exercise 5: Upper Body Stretch

Rasp your hands, palms up, and stretch your arms high over your head. Stretch, lean your upper body to the right and the left.

Neck Pain: Exercises For The Fascia

It sounds crazy, but it helps. Anyone who suffers from neck pain can relieve the discomfort with exercises for the fascia under the foot. Fascia is part of the connective tissue and envelops all muscles and organs. If loaded incorrectly, they can stick together. The fascia under the feet can cause shoulder and neck pain.

Exercises With A Small Ball:

Take a tennis ball or a nubbed ball, especially for fascia training. Shift your weight to one leg and place the other foot – barefoot – on the ball. Start at the ball of your foot and gently apply pressure. Massages the entire foot. You should stop for a moment where it hurts and increase the pressure a little. After you have massaged both feet, you should walk on your heels for about 1 minute. After that, the neck pain should be relieved.

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