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Dental Care For Dogs: These Products Will Help You

Dogs can also have dental problems – but unfortunately, they cannot tell us.

You can do several things to ensure that your pet does not have to suffer from pain and keep its teeth as long as possible.

Here we show you products that make dental care for dogs particularly easy.

Dogs like to chew, nibble and nibble – and when the food tastes good, the owner is happy too. But sometimes dogs find it difficult to bite properly – then suddenly they no longer eat their favorite dry food but pick out the soft components. Or they often rub their mouths with their paws, which is a sign that they are in pain.

Why Dental Care Is So Vital In Dogs

Dogs can also get tartar. This occurs when plaque forms from leftover food and bacteria, and the biofilm hardens. This can lead to inflammation of the gums, which can lead to tooth loss. Therefore, it is advisable to allow dogs to use certain products to clean their teeth and have their teeth checked regularly. This can also prevent bad breath.

Important: Every dog ​​reacts differently to dental care, and you know your animal best. Always proceed gently: Start with soft touches on the mouth and see if you can touch it without any problems. Some dogs find it okay for their masters to connect them with their fingers, but they don’t like objects such as brushes. Others don’t feel like having sprays in their mouths. And others prefer not to look in the mouth at all. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the right product for your dog.

Four Products That Make Dog Dental Care A Success

Finger Pads

Can you handle your dog’s mouth without any problems? Then finger pads are a good solution for cleaning your teeth. Put it on a finger and use it to stroke the tooth surfaces like a toothbrush.

Tooth Snacks

Which dog doesn’t love snacks? Instead of the usual treat, you can also use a dental care stick – it tastes good and removes plaque as you nibble.

Dental Care Gel

Your dog doesn’t like it when you touch his mouth? Then the tasty tooth gel can be a solution. The enzymes it contains neutralize the harmful bacteria that cause plaque.

Dental Care Ball

The knobs in the lamellae ensure that plaque is removed when chewing. So if your dog likes to fetch or chew his toys, a change to this dental care ball can make sense.

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