Chicken Meat: Nutrients, Calories, Properties, Tricks For Cooking It

Chicken is the most consumed meat in Italy, but do Italians know it? The nutritional aspects, the best cooking systems, the exact quantity to take, whether it makes you fat or not, and the presence of drugs or hormones are some of the questions that we ask ourselves most often about chicken; we have submitted them to the nutritionist.

What Is The Quality Of Chicken Meat Proteins?

Proteins of animal origin and, therefore, also those of chicken are generally much more complete from a biochemical and nutritional point of view. We are talking specifically about the presence of all the essential amino acids essential for the correct maintenance of our muscle mass and more. At the same time, vegetable proteins are less complete and do not contain all the essential amino acids, those that our body cannot produce. To refuel with these crucial substances, the nutritionist suggests consuming chicken, whose proteins are broken down more easily by our digestive enzymes, making the amino acids more usable.

How Many Times A Week Can I Eat Chicken?

Is there a recommended quantity? The weekly dose? Chicken meat can be eaten up to three or four times a week as it provides few calories (just 239 calories per 100g). As confirmed by the nutritionist, it is very digestible and suitable for everyone: children and adults, young and old. Pregnant and sick women, athletes (especially those who practice fitness and bodybuilding ), and those on a diet and intend to lose weight and lose weight.

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Is Chicken Meat Suitable For The Heart?

Of course: it is leaner than red meats; the fats of poultry meats are mainly mono and polyunsaturated, omega three and omega 6, while only 30% comes from dangerous saturated fats. Even the reduced intake of sodium and iron present in these types of meat makes them a valuable ally in controlling heart risk. In any case, poultry meats are undoubtedly rich in essential nutrients for the diet, as we have seen before regarding proteins.

Does Italian Chicken Contain Hormones Or Antibiotics?

Chicken antibiotics are now a topical issue, but there are no drug residues or hormones that are dangerous for our health in the poultry meat we buy at the supermarket. Italian chicken is safe: Italian farms use antibiotics exclusively for curative purposes and never promote growth. Before using drugs, other preventive methods are considered only if necessary because the animal is sick; finally, we resort to antibiotic therapy.

Eat Chicken And Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

It is essential not to focus only on macronutrients but to broaden the considerations to the context to combat heart risk. The risk linked to heart disease is in those who eat the most chicken or turkey and those who do not smoke, carry out activities, exercise regularly and monitor their weight. In this sense, eating chicken is part of a healthy diet but playing sports and maintaining good habits are also helpful in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and thus living for a long time.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Chicken?

Chicken is a healthy meat protein, low in lipids, and contained almost exclusively in the skin. What if this is what helps us to cook it healthily? It seems like a provocation, but the nutritionist recommends using the skin for cooking the chicken without further adding fat, eliminating it later.

Even the choice of the pots used to prepare the chicken can establish a caloric difference; the non-stick ones can make the most of the properties of the skin.

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