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10 Ways To Thank Your Doctor

Doctors play a critical role in society, keeping families safe and ensuring patients are enjoying a high quality of life. However, being a doctor is a challenging job that requires intelligence, stamina and a good bedside manner. Nearly one quarter of American physicians work between 61 to 80 hours each week to provide care to their patients. Whether you’ve overcome an illness and want to thank the doctor who helped you through it or lost a loved one and want to show appreciation for a physician who cared for them, there are plenty of thoughtful ways to say thank you to your doctor.

1. A Comfortable Set of Scrubs

If there’s a doctor in your life who deserves special thanks, why not give them a comfortable set of scrubs they can enjoy wearing daily? Doctors are on their feet most of the day and deserve to look and feel their best in stylish scrub tops and matching bottoms. Depending on how well you know your doctor and the dynamic of your relationship, consider purchasing scrubs in funky designs like dazzling blue snowflakes, rainbow colored hearts or pastel florals. Observe their personal style to give them a scrub set they’ll be comfortable in. For example, notice if your doctor typically wears fitted joggers or scrub bottoms with a gentle flare. If you’re looking for a cute thank-you, give your doctor a fun set of no-show socks they can wear to work while still adhering to a mandated dress code.

2. Thoughtful Card or Handwritten Note

Sometimes the best way to show your appreciation for someone is to tell them how you feel. Buying or making a beautiful card for your doctor and putting a handwritten note on the inside is a great way to say thank you for their work. Be sure to include why you’re thanking them and how their work has improved your quality of life. Healthcare is often a thankless profession, so hearing how their efforts positively impact patients can make a physician’s day. They may even decide to hang your card or note in their office as a reminder of why they entered the medical field.

3. Fruit Basket

A generic yet enjoyable gift like a fruit basket is a wonderful choice to avoid making your physician uncomfortable. This thank-you gesture won’t seem inappropriate because it’s not too expensive or personal. Doctors work long hours and are constantly on the go, so they’ll love a chance to enjoy something delicious and nutritious on the job. A fruit basket is also shareable so they can spread joy in the break room and boost morale. To spruce it up, opt for a basket containing a few treats like dark chocolate or dates.

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4. Pay It Forward

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your doctor a personal gift or note, ask them if you can donate to a cause they care about instead. Giving back is a fantastic way to say thank you for the excellent care you received, and it will benefit someone else in the future. Whether it’s a charity or another philanthropic cause close to their heart, put the donation in their name and send them a note to let them know what you’ve done. You’ll feel great about helping a worthwhile cause while simultaneously showing your doctor you appreciate them.

5. Leave a Positive Review

Spending money isn’t the only way to say thank you. A simple way to thank your doctor for their services without forging a personal relationship is to leave a positive review online. Find out from your doctor’s office where they prefer to be reviewed. They might want a testimonial for their website or social media accounts. Perhaps you can help boost their Google rankings by leaving a review on Google to help others find a reputable doctor in the area.

6. Coffee, Tea & Baked Goods

Doctors often have early mornings and late nights attending to patients, managing charts and updating SOAP notes. Make their early or late shift a little brighter by sending a thank you gift with a few pick-me-ups. Include a nice coffee blend, some herbal teas, and indulgent baked goodies that they’ll look forward to in between patient rounds. Be sure to avoid baked goods that contain common allergens like peanuts or tree nuts, so your doctor doesn’t have to worry about eating these items at work.

7. Custom Tumbler

For a doctor who is always on the go, a custom tumbler with their name or practice area is a fun gift that they’ll get tons of use from. If you’re thanking your children’s doctor, a tumbler that says “World’s Best Pediatrician” is cute and original, so it won’t get lost in the busy break room. For your optometrist, a tumbler that says “Eye Get the Job Done” will bring a smile to their face and keep their coffee warm for hours.

8. Plant for Their Office

If you don’t know your doctor extremely well but want to make a nice gesture of thanks, purchasing a plant for their office is a lovely idea. You’re adding some natural greenery to an otherwise industrial workspace and improving the air quality. Plants suggest that you trust the recipient and are sometimes seen as a sign of respect. Giving someone a plant sends a message that you care about their health and well-being, which is a thoughtful way to show your doctor you’d like to give back to them for their exceptional services.

9. Compression Socks Care Package

Practical items often make the best gifts. A compression socks care package is the ideal gift for doctors who spend hours on their feet making rounds at the hospital. Prolonged standing can cause your legs to feel heavy and fatigued and contribute to health problems like varicose veins and edema. Compression socks alleviate leg pain and swelling by applying gentle graduated compression from the ankle to the knee, boosting blood and lymph flow toward the heart. Curate a gift basket jam-packed with compression socks in a variety of adorable patterns and colors. The socks help protect your doctor’s health, while the fun designs brighten their day.

10. Chic Work Bag

Doctors need a reliable carry-all to tote all their essentials, from water bottles to medical tools, to and from the clinic or hospital. Ensure your doctor can access everything they need and still look stylish with a chic work bag. Look for a bag with a timeless design, such as a tote or a backpack with ergonomic features like wide padded shoulder straps. The interior should be spacious with ample storage options, such as sewn-in pockets and zippered compartments to carry all their gear.

Show Your Doctor Some Appreciation

Doctors work long hours saving lives and protecting your health. Show your doctor how much you appreciate their time and effort with a thoughtful gift or a heartfelt note.

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