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How Can You Reduce And Prevent Cellulite?

Eat A Healthy Diet

The diet plays a crucial role in the development and prevention of cellulite. An unhealthy lifestyle contributes to the blood vessels in the skin constricting. Alcohol and nicotine lead to a poor supply of nutrients to the skin and reduce metabolism. Nicotine, in particular, contributes to the weakening of the connective tissue. Wouldn’t that be a good motivation to quit smoking ?!

A high-fat diet also promotes the development of cellulite. The calculation is simple: the more fat the body stores, the larger the individual fat cells and the deeper the dents. If you want to show yourself with firm, smooth skin in a bikini, you should avoid unhealthy luxury foods. Instead, it is advisable to include foods with a high vitamin C content in the menu. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production and can thus strengthen the connective tissue. A glass of lemon water in the morning is another plus because it helps us fight cellulite. Other fruits and vegetables with many vitamin C such as berries, peppers, acerola, or fennel should also be consumed regularly. This is not only recommended if you want to reduce and prevent cellulite. It also contributes to general well-being.

Massages And Alternating Showers

A recognized and helpful home remedy for cellulite is massages and contrast showers. The massages can be performed with gloves, scooters, or electrical devices. Anyone who regularly massages the affected areas in circular movements – from bottom to top and always starting with the right side – stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Professionally performed connective tissue massages or lymphatic drainage by a physiotherapist achieve the same effect. Alternating showers also boost the metabolism and have a similar impact. It is best to integrate the warm-cold change into your daily shower routine. Always start with warm water and end the alternating shower with cold water.

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Creams Against Cellulite

Special creams for cellulite are another means to reduce unpopular dents. Active ingredients such as guarana, L-carnitine, or horse chestnut extract stimulate fat breakdown and blood circulation in the tissue. Creams with ginseng also contain natural androgens – the opponents of the cellulite-promoting estrogens. The creams can reduce orange peel and prevent new fat deposits with regular use. To achieve a permanent effect, the anti-cellulite creams must be used daily over a more extended period.

But: Without a healthy lifestyle, even the most expensive cosmetics will not help long. However, if you want to reduce and prevent cellulite, you can use the creams as an excellent additional aid and expect visible effects.

Cellulite Treatments At The Beautician

If you don’t want to leave it with creams and home remedies such as contrast showers, you can also have cellulite treated in a cosmetic studio or at a dermatologist. There are now various applications that promise a reduction in orange peel. Ultrasound is often offered as a method against cellulite. Treatment with an ultrasound device stimulates the blood flow, increases cell activity, and thus promotes the formation of collagen. Depending on the studio, you have to spend between 30 and 60 euros for a session. Several treatments are necessary before a reduction in the orange peel becomes visible.

So-called body wrapping is also a popular and effective method against cellulite and ensures firmer skin. The affected areas are first rubbed with special gels and then wrapped in foil in the second step. The wraps stimulate the lymph and reduce the size of the fat cells—the result: firmer and smoother skin after around six sessions. Regular applications are necessary to benefit from the advantages of body wrapping in the long term. A treatment costs between 30 and 100 euros.

The Operation Against Cellulite By The Cosmetic Surgeon

In addition to classic liposuction, a new, minimally invasive treatment method is also used against wrinkles: PDO threads. The ultra-fine threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), also known as Korea threads, are placed under the skin with a wafer-thin needle to treat cellulite. There they form a kind of network. The foreign material triggers a slight inflammatory reaction in the body, which activates the production of fibroblasts. These building-up connective tissue cells stimulate collagen synthesis and the formation of elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid.

The result: the skin forms a strengthening structure and is thus visually smoothed. However, those who strive for the permanent elimination of cellulite through the treatment are hoping for too much. The Munich dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve has been using the method with PDO threads for three years and knows: “You cannot make cellulite disappear wholly and permanently. But the process with PDO threads achieves visible improvements that last about 1.5 to 2.5 years. “That comes at a price. The treatment with PDO threads takes around 60 minutes and costs 600 euros, depending on the effort.

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Exercise And Even More Exercise

All those who don’t exercise will be disappointed, but without regular exercise and targeted training, all of the tips will only help moderately or not at all. Even if cellulite can still be seen here and there in well-trained women: it would be much worse without regular exercise. In other words: if you want to reduce or avoid cellulite as much as possible, you cannot prevent yourself from bothering yourself regularly. Exercise leads to the fact that fat is broken down significantly when the calories are reduced at the same time. For orange peel, this means in concrete terms: the fat cells shrink, the dents become smaller.

One method that has been proven to counteract the development of cellulite is fascia training. Individual body parts are rolled over a so-called black roll with the help of your body weight. The exercises cause adhesions in the fascia (surround the connective tissue) to loosen. This strengthens the connective tissue and makes the skin look plumper and smoother. Many fitness studios now offer courses with the training device. The exercises can also be carried out in a relaxed manner at home. If you want to get your Black Roll, you must spend between ten and 60 euros.

Mental Training: Acceptance And More Self-Love

Since cellulite is often genetic, even the most strenuous exercise, the healthiest diet, and the best creams or massages do not get completely cellulite-free. You have to and can come to terms with that. Or even better: you live healthily, do a lot of good for your body and make friends with your disposition. After all, frown lines and stress are neither desirable nor attractive. Show your legs instead of hiding them because confidence is admirable.

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