How To Gain Muscle Mass? 10 Healthy Tips!

Achieving the desired body and ideal shape is challenging, even more so for those looking to increase their muscle mass considerably. Hypertrophy is the dream of many people. To reach the perfect body, it is necessary to invest a lot in training, exercises, and adequate supplementation to help speed up this process.

Knowing this, True Source’s blog brings you some tips on how to gain muscle mass efficiently and boost your workouts to strengthen your bones further, speed up your metabolism, and raise your body’s levels of protection against the onset of various diseases. Follow!

How To Increase Your Muscle Mass?

In addition to training and exercises, gaining muscle mass requires a direct association with some important factors. Hypertrophy generally follows three essential principles: training, eating, and rest.

That is, along with training and exercises, always designed for the desired objective, there is the need to maintain an adequate intake of proteins and nutrients and rest both in the pre-and post-workout.

This is because the energy needed by the body comes directly from food, providing power, increasing physical disposition, and developing muscles. Rest, in addition to relaxing and recovering muscle fibers, also ensures efficient hypertrophy.

Check out some exciting tips that will help you through this process quickly!

Train Regularly Throughout The Week

Try to train frequently for a good part of the week, and, depending on your goal, this training should be done at least three times a week and a maximum of 6 times, giving your muscles at least one day of rest. This process helps to work the same muscle group for at least one full training day, accelerating mass gain.

Alternate Exercises And Sessions

Alternate and switch exercises every four weeks at least to avoid muscle adapting to a specific set of workouts. After this process, a new method must be chosen and applied using different intensities of weight and pressure for each session, thus helping to increase mass gain.

Perform Training And Exercises Slowly

Exercising your muscles quickly does not mean you will gain muscle mass quickly. It would help if you did whatever training you choose slowly, concentrating, and with a lot of patience. That is, take your time to exercise, make light movements, and try to contact the worked muscle in the best possible way so that the training is effectively worth it.

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Train For Muscle Failure

Muscle growth only occurs when there is a work of strength and pressure on it. This must be done with a progressive increase in load and always respecting the person’s limits.

Still, to effectively achieve hypertrophy, as soon as the pain and burning sensation arise, don’t stop. Take your muscles to failure, that is, until the white fibers begin to break down and the rest.

Exercise Your Muscles Intensely

The type of training will depend on the person’s goal, but it should always be done intensely. To help gain the desired muscle mass, in addition to the progressive increase in load and muscle failure, light warm-ups, aerobic exercises, and weight training as a complement will help to favor even more hypertrophy.

Have An Adequate Diet

Eating well is more than essential to ensure correct hypertrophy. This is how the body acquires the necessary energy to maintain muscle fibers.

Among the main foods for this purpose are eggs, chicken meat, fish meat, red meat, lentils, and soy. Intake of these foods should be done in such a way that calories are consumed in greater volume than they are expended.

Provide The Body With Adequate Hydration

Keeping the body hydrated is essential before, during, or after training. Considering that 75% of all muscle mass is made up of water only, betting on the consumption of adequate levels of liquids can help even more in hypertrophy and keeping that same mass in continuous growth.

In addition to good eating habits, always prioritize a minimum intake of 1.5 liters of water daily.

Organize Your Rest And Sleep Schedules

In addition to the required and necessary rest between sessions, resting and relaxing the post-workout body is critical for proper muscle regeneration. During the relaxation phase, the muscle recovers and retains all the training effort, consequently increasing its size.

Therefore, after physical activities, recover your energies with a good diet and hydrate your body, staying away from exercises for at least 10 hours. In the meantime, take advantage of tiredness to sleep more soundly in complete rest.

Do Cardiorespiratory Training

Cardiorespiratory workouts help raise insulin sensitivity, improve anabolic hormone stability, and improve muscle response to suggested exercises. In general, it helps the body to “teach” the body not to consume energy from muscle but from fat reserve sources.

Make Use Of Nutritional Supplements

Daily consumption of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins is also essential for those who seek hypertrophy. They are only sometimes sufficient when they come from food.

To complete and improve both intake and reserves, consuming supplements contribute to the supply of these nutrients, also ensuring an improvement in the performance of physical activities during the process.

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