Localized Fat: What Are The Causes, And How Is The Treatment?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been bothered by the fat in certain places on your body, especially your belly? Your answer is most likely yes!

Localized fat can be a headache for many people, especially from an aesthetic point of view, when it lodges in notorious parts of our body. However, we have good news: you can treat this problem.

In this article, we will not only talk about the treatment and procedures to get rid of localized fat but also what its causes are and the places that appear the most.

What Is Localized Fat?

In general, localized fat is nothing more than an energy reserve of our body that has not been burned. Because it is accumulated, it is deposited in some specific places in the body in a concentrated way.

What Can Cause Localized Fat?

In addition to genetic factors, the main villains of localized fat are poor diet, lack of physical exercise, and imbalance in metabolism.

Bad Eating Habits

A diet based on low-quality foods can be quite harmful to our bodies. So, some of the dangerous foods can be:

  • Processed foods high in sodium and sugar
  • High-calorie alcoholic beverages
  • Pasta with a great source of carbohydrates
  • Products processed with saturated fats

Lack Of Physical Exercise

Many know that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors for weight gain, and this is no different for the fat that accumulates in a part of the body.

Therefore, what we ingest becomes a stock because we are not exercising to burn the calories from the food that enters our bodies.

The more we feed, the more this stock increases and accumulates. If the diet is unbalanced, as we said before, the chance of fat being located is greater.

Imbalance In Metabolism

The last factor that can cause fat accumulation in a body region is an organic imbalance. It causes the body to have a slower metabolism. Some of the factors that can cause an imbalance in metabolism are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Thyroid problems
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

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What Are The Points On The Body That Can Accumulate Localized Fat?

Fat accumulation can happen in different regions of the body. These include areas such as:

  • Abdomen
  • breeches
  • flanks
  • Thighs
  • hips
  • Back
  • armpits
  • jowls

Is It Possible To Lose Localized Fat?

Yes, it is possible to lose fat located in certain body parts with the help of some daily practices. From physical exercises, it focuses mainly on aerobic exercises to aesthetic and surgical procedures.

What Kind Of Fat Is Easiest To Lose?

The easiest body fat to lose is visceral white fat, also called harmful deep belly fat. When you lose weight, it is common for it to be the first to disappear.

What Are The Procedures To Lose Localized Fat?

As we said, it is important to practice physical exercises to lose localized fat, but the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments and procedures is much greater. Therefore, we will talk about some of these types.


Endermotherapy or Endermologie is one of the types of treatments to eliminate localized fat in regions such as the arms, legs, and belly. It can also be a procedure to fight cellulite and improve the appearance of the silhouette.

The process occurs through equipment that “sucks” the region’s skin to be treated. From there, the skin and the layer of fat detach, which favors the end of localized fat.


Second, we have cryolipolysis. This is a body fat-freezing procedure.

Through this low-temperature cooling, the fat cells in the region are destroyed. In the process, the area can be treated at up to -10ºC for 60 minutes.

What To Do To Maintain Good Results After The Procedures?

After removing localized fat through an aesthetic treatment, the most important thing is maintaining this body situation. Therefore, it is necessary to create a healthier routine for the body.

Regular physical activity and a healthier diet are very important in this process because, as we say, they are largely responsible for the appearance of this type of problem.


In this article, you can understand more about localized fat and what are the best treatments to eliminate them.

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