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The Power Of Thermal Water

Thermal water is a gift that the earth offers us, the union of two vital elements for man, water, and earth. It has always been used for its beneficial properties for the body and cosmetic and beauty preparations. The thermal springs are fed by rainwater in a path that begins when the water descends deeply between the layers of impermeable rock.

During its underground journey, the water releases precious salts and gasses according to the rocks it crosses, raising its temperature and continuously enriching itself with mineral salts and physicochemical characteristics according to the geographical area. After its underground journey, the water gushes out again in the form of a thermal spring, and for centuries, man has benefited from it to regenerate and take care of the skin of the body.

Thermal Water And Cosmetic Products

Why is thermal water used as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations? The answer is simple: because it releases all its beneficial properties, especially with a moisturizing and remineralizing action. We have chosen it as a special ingredient of our cosmetic line to formulate our molecular serum thanks to its important detoxifying and nourishing effect and as a component that enriches a precious synergistic complex with a moisturizing action.

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Discover The Beneficial Properties Of Thermal Water

Thermal water is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, which are essential allies for the well-being of the skin. Contains bicarbonates, calcium, silicate, copper, and zinc. Its mineral profile facilitates the proliferation of “good bacteria” and promotes the balance of the microbiome.

Our skin has to defend itself every day from the aggressions of external and internal agents. It needs the more than 500 species of bacteria that populate it to remain in perfect balance. The “friendly bacteria” must remain active to maintain their natural resistance to UV rays, pollution particles, and daily stress. The effectiveness of La Roche-Posay thermal water on the microbial diversity of the skin has also been demonstrated by scientific studies*.

Thermal Water For Sensitive Skin

Suppose the skin is continuously in contact with oxidizing factors such as the sun’s rays, polluting particles, and impossible rhythms of life without support. In that case, it loses its natural defenses, becoming more sensitive and reactive. Redness, cracking, itching, and cracking may appear. Thermal water treatments have soothing properties and can act on the first signs of reactivity.

Thermal Water For Allergic-Prone Skin

The reasons that can lead to allergic-prone skin can be endless. What is certain is that allergic-prone skin needs to be soothed and refreshed. If you notice one of the first signs, such as redness and an itchy sensation, immediately spray some La Roche-Posay thermal water: you will immediately get a pleasant sensation of freshness. A tip: thermal water is also suitable for soothing reddened skin after a hot shower or depilation. Read HERE for advice and treatments in case of allergic-prone skin.

How To Use Thermal Water On The Skin

All products containing thermal water, such as creams, cleansers, masks, and micellar waters, have soothing properties. But thermal water can also be used and sprayed directly onto the skin, allowing instant absorption. These are the methods of use:

  • Spray as needed
  • Pat dry (possibly with a cotton towel)

To amplify its refreshing effect, keep the thermal water in the fridge. Given its benefits, it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin, such as newborns, children, and pregnant women.

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