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Ten Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

How do I clean my glasses properly? What helps if it steams up? What to do if there are scratches? We clarify ten important questions.

How Do I Clean My Glasses Properly?

Often you clean your glasses with whatever you have at hand – with a tie, sweater, handkerchief. Opticians and ophthalmologists advise against it: “These materials often consist of rough fibers. They can scratch the lens,”. Microfiber cloths that are specially designed for cleaning glasses are better. Wash the glasses and frame under running water; you can remove grease deposits with a drop of dishwashing detergent. Then rinse the glasses well. “Do not use washing-up liquid that is kind to the skin or moisturizing, as it can leave a film of smear on the glasses,”. The optician thinks little of damp cleaning cloths: they can contain aggressive substances.

What To Do If There Are Scratches?

“Even small scratches change the surface quality of the lenses,” warns the ophthalmologist. This can lead to reflexes, and you may be blinded by it. Scratches, therefore, mean: You have to go to the optician and possibly get new glasses or new glasses.

Can I Get Dry Eyes Through The Glasses?

“As far as I know, there is no connection,” says Eckert. Dry eyes can have many causes. They can arise, for example, when you sit in front of the computer for a long time and blink a little.

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What Causes Pressure Points On The Nose?

When the glasses press on the nose, “the nose pad is usually not seated correctly or is too small,” .The frame can also push behind the ears – and not just with new glasses. For example, if you bump into the glasses or drop them, the frame bends easily. If you have bought the glasses from an optician, you can usually have them readjusted for the correct fit. It looks different with ready-made glasses. That is why ophthalmologist Eckert advises against such drinks.

How Often Should I See An Ophthalmologist If I Wear Glasses?

“From the age of 40, you should see an ophthalmologist every one or two years,”. ” Eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma cannot be treated even with the best glasses,” says Eckert. If such diseases are recognized early, they can be treated effectively. Otherwise, in the worst case, they can cost your eyesight. However, statutory health insurance often does not cover the costs. So ask in advance!

It would be best if you also had your glasses checked regularly by an optician. “We can, for example, repair wobbly hangers or loose glasses,”.

Attention: You may have to pay the costs for the ophthalmologist’s visit yourself. Therefore, if necessary, inquire with your health insurance company in advance to be on the safe side!

What Do I Do When I Swim Or Go To The Sauna?

High temperatures can damage glasses and frames. Take off your glasses before going to the sauna and use contact lenses if possible. Disposable contact lenses can be disposed of after the sauna; reusable contact lenses should be cleaned thoroughly. Even when swimming, you should switch to contact lenses or buy special swimming goggles.

Necessary: The heat can damage glasses not only in the sauna. If you would like to have some of your visual aids for a more extended period, please do not place them on the heater or the dashboard in the car in the summer.

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Can The Glasses Cause A Headache?

It is quite possible. Inexpensive prefabricated glasses have the same strength in both lenses. But many people see better in one eye than the other. Drinks that are not designed for both eyes can result in one eye adjusting more than the other. This tires the eyes and can cause headaches or dizziness, among other things. “Varifocal glasses can also be associated with such problems,”. Their lenses have different areas: one for near vision, distance, and a transition area in between. Anyone who wears varifocals for the first time has to get used to them and may be irritated when looking through the “wrong” part of the lens.

Sometimes glasses can also relieve the headache. Namely, when an undetected visual defect is behind the headache. The eyes try to correct the ametropia – this is exhausting in the long run and can lead to a headache.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Glasses?

If you are wearing glasses for the first time or are getting new prescription glasses, it is normal for you to get used to them. This usually only takes a few days, sometimes several weeks. During the acclimatization period, the frame can interfere. You may perceive the surroundings as too “sharp,” or you may see a bit blurred at first. Necessary: If the symptoms persist, see an ophthalmologist or optician. If necessary, the glasses have to be corrected again.

What Can I Do If The Glasses Fog Up?

If the glasses are exposed to significant temperature differences, they can fog up. For example, when you come from the cold into a warm room. Wiping it off helps, but don’t rub it dry with your sweater. Use a microfiber glasses cleaning cloth. As a preventive measure, treat the glasses with a drop of washing-up liquid and then rub dry with the microfiber cloth. This is supposed to reduce condensation on the glasses. Alternatively, there are special liquids and materials to help prevent tarnishing or glasses with an anti-fog coating.

Do I Need Special Glasses For VDU Work?

Sometimes glasses that correct a visual defect or standard reading glasses are not enough. Because both cover either the near or the far range well, computer workstation glasses are an option if you can see the letters on the screen blurred despite glasses or if you only need visual aids for PC work. It is specially tailored to the distance between the eye and the monitor. If specific requirements are met, the employer must pay the costs for these glasses. If you already have reading glasses and have just received new ones, “you can use the old ones for working on the screen,”. Perhaps it fits precisely for the viewing area between the eye and the PC.

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