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How To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Quitting smoking is quite a struggle. But now, this is only the beginning, because then, you have to fight against those little extra pounds that want to take the place of cigarettes. However, it is quite possible to stop smoking without gaining weight – even while losing weight at the same time!

To stop smoking without gaining weight, you must first take the necessary measures so that weaning takes place in the best conditions: nicotine substitutes, hypnosis, medical care. Everyone will find the method that suits him the most to stop smoking.

Then, we must find a solution to cope with the cravings caused by stopping smoking. Indeed, it is difficult not to nibble while seeking a gesture of “substitution” for cigarettes. It may seem surprising, but we must not stop eating! On the contrary, we must learn to do it in a healthier and more balanced way! The results will be visible both on the scale and observable daily: fresher complexion, better breath, increased endurance.

In this article, discover the causes of weight gain when you quit smoking to understand better how to adapt your diet, with lots of ideas for each of the three main meals of the day and diet tips. You will see: with the correct information, it will be easier for you to stop smoking without putting on weight!

It is common to gain weight when you stop smoking: it is estimated that the average weight gain is 3.8 kg for women, and 2.8 kg for men when you quit smoking. However, this is not inevitable: 30% of those who quit do not gain a gram.

If we do it well, we can perfectly combine stopping smoking and a better-balanced diet. Exactly, even if it means changing your habits, you might as well change everything, eating habits too! On arrival, you will feel better, lighter and fitter.

One of the causes of smoking relapse. is weight gain—one more argument for framing and managing the problem well from the start.

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The Effect of Nicotine

Do cigarettes make you lose weight? To be completely transparent, we have to recognize that nicotine promotes the use of fat. When you smoke, you spend 6% more energy at rest and 12% more during exercise. This means that with similar activity, the smoker expends a little more power than the non-smoker. Also, all smokers know that cigarettes have an appetite suppressant effect.

Result: we can say that the smoker is “underweight” compared to his natural weight.

Warning: This does not mean that cigarettes are an excellent way to lose weight. in fact, there would be nothing worse! To lose weight , there are many other solutions. And the risks incurred by tobacco are such that to consider this solution would be in addition to being dangerous … absurd!

How to avoid Weight Gain?

In order not to gain weight, we must first and foremost, avoid the feeling of lack. As we know, when the urge and the need for cigarettes are felt, the immediate reflex is to compensate by snacking.

To avoid this unpleasant feeling, you should not hesitate to use a nicotine replacement. This can be a patch that delivers a constant dose over 24 hours or 16 hours. We can associate them with gums, lozenges or inhaler, which will act more quickly but for a limited time during urges or cravings for cigarettes. The important thing is not to feel the lack.

Change your Diet!

Contrary to what one can imagine, the moment of stopping smoking is an excellent time to change your diet. Losing weight after quitting smoking is possible.

Why? Quite simply because when you stop smoking, you will quickly regain your taste and smell. It is, therefore, an opportunity to put pleasure on your plate.

If one chooses to quit smoking, it is precisely for better hygiene of life. You might as well go all the way and do yourself good at all levels. You might as well take advantage of this moment of change to move towards a healthier life.


The breakfast needs to be filling.

  • Opt for a cereal base: bread, preferably.
  • Even better: wholemeal bread with a little butter or jam.
  • Think of the dairy: a yoghurt or a glass of milk skimmed or semi-skimmed.
  • Prefer a fruit rather than a fruit juice.
  • The fruit juice, you swallow it quickly. The fruit you chew it. It’s better in terms of satiation.
  • Avoid mid-morning snacking.


  • A crudity with little or no sauce (it’s good too, a squeeze of lemon).
  • A meat or a fish accompanied by a lot of vegetables. Preferably choose lean meat and non-fatty fish. And especially no sauce!
  • Do not forget the starchy foods (pasta, rice, wheat semolina or a piece of bread with your vegetables), at each meal to avoid pecks at four o’clock.
  • Fruit at the end of the meal. A fruit, or a pretty fruit salad, or a fruit sorbet.


At dinner, we can advise:

  • A hot soup in winter and cold in summer. There are so many soup recipes out there that you won’t get tired of them.
  • A good dish of vegetables.
  • No meat (we often eat too much of it already).
  • A dairy.
  • A fruit or unsweetened compote.

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Cook and get moving!

To stop smoking without gaining weight, you have to choose your foods well. and play sports! And yes, physical activity is part of your new lifestyle. And you will see: without the harmful effects of cigarettes, it’s easier!

Here are our tips for avoiding pitfalls and successfully weaning without gaining weight:

Watch out for Wine and Aperitifs!

They provide a lot of calories and make you want to smoke. Having said that, it is better to have a small glass of wine if you are going to see friends than an immense frustration which risks making you relapse.

Let loose on the Spices

It must be reasonable and beautiful on your plate. Discover new flavours: oregano, dill.

Reward yourself

Eating is good. Make it look nice too. Instead of nibbling your fruit on a corner of the table, take the time to prepare yourself a beautiful fruit salad, colourful and fragrant. Decorate your plates with salad and a few cherry tomatoes.

Avoid storing ready-made meals in your Fridge

Go to the market and choose seasonal vegetables.

And if you have the urge to snack too much, then eat carrots, tomatoes, fennel or radishes. But, that is to be expected! If you only have cupcakes at home, these are the ones you will eat when you’re hungry.

Anticipate! Prepare your carrot sticks in your fridge to dig in when you get hungry.

And above all, do not skip meals!

Advice From A Specialist

How not to gain weight when you quit smoking?

The weaning must first be comfortable. It’s primordial. We can consider medical care if we have an anxious temperament or suffer from depression or in case of a health problem particular.

But if you choose to stop alone and physical dependence on tobacco, it is advisable to take nicotine substitutes in sufficient doses. An insufficiently treated withdrawal syndrome is stressful for the morale; it maintains the restlessness and cravings that push to nibble and often lead to the relapse.

Quitting Smoking and Quitting Eating at the same time is Challenging!

Above all, it’s not about stopping eating. It’s about eating well. To take advantage of this moment of change in life, this change of habits is the moment of smoking cessation to adopt better food hygiene. But eating better from a dietary point of view does not mean depriving yourself. It’s just dining in a more balanced and healthy way. This is entirely in the same logic as stopping smoking.

How to hold on?

You have to remember the benefits of this change in habits every day. Remember that we have a better complexion, better breath, for example, and that we fought hard to get out. All of these are rewards. And then, if that is too difficult, you have to get help.

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