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Here Are The Tips To Quit Smoking

  1. Many smokers find it difficult to quit. And the best is certainly to get help from a doctor or a pharmacist to get rid of cigarettes. Next to medicinal solutions, and in particular nicotine substitutes which have proven their effectiveness, here are some tips and tricks that can facilitate smoking cessation.
  2. The personal motivation is an essential prerequisite for successful weaning. Think carefully about why you want to quit smoking and what positive effects a cigarette-free life could have for you.
  3. As soon as you feel the need to smoke: change your mind! Listen to music.
  4. Go to the movies or play sports.
  5. Do you want to “smoke one”? Instead of lighting a cigarette, a little tip: do the math: how much money you will have saved by giving up…? And what a little treat you could give yourself instead!
  6. Ask several of your relatives to support you in your process, which will require some changes. And agree, for example, that you can call them ( or visit them ) as soon as you have the impression that you will crack and give in to the temptation to smoke.
  7. You may be nervous, moody, and easily irritable during the first few days of withdrawal. So ask your partner and/or your family to be indulgent … And give yourself the right to be unbearable for a while.
  8. Do not hesitate to compensate for the lack with other small pleasures, such as candies without sugar (and therefore low in calories).
  9. Are you in a bad mood? Are you feeling low? Do not let yourself go and act: indulge yourself, for example with a beautiful bouquet that smells so good Or by a walk in the fresh air. Believe it or not, it increases your chances of success if you want to quit smoking!
  10. You used to relax with a cigarette. By quitting smoking, you lose this supposed relaxing effect. But there are much healthier and more effective ways to relax. For example, yoga, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or breathing exercises … the list goes on!
  11. The cigarette has an appetite suppressant effect and gives a feeling of satiety. It is, therefore, not surprising that many former smokers are turning to sweets to replace cigarettes.
  12. Result: (former) smokers often gain a few pounds after weaning. But do not worry :
  13. If you take care – especially at the beginning – to have a healthy and balanced diet, you do not have to fear weight gain as soon as you quit smoking! And also increase your physical activity. In case of difficulty at this level, the advice of a nutritionist, or even a tobacco specialist is necessary (because a snack type diet can be due to smoking cessation).
  14. It’s worth it! After only ten days (maximum), the urge to smoke and mood swings decrease, and you will be able to breathe freely again. The first effects of stopping smoking are registered in the first 24 hours, with a drop in carbon monoxide level in the blood.

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