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Experts Advice To Fight Stress

Fighting stress: this is an excellent way to preserve your mental and physical well-being. In the family, as at work, stress is part of our daily life and harms the psychic level and the general state of our body.

Therefore, very stressed people are more vulnerable from a physical point of view and more exposed to seasonal ailments, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So how can we avoid stress overwhelming us to maintain a psychological balance and stay healthy? Private or professional life: here are some anti-stress tips to help you better manage stress at all levels!

Stress at Work

Work is one of the primary sources of stress (too much stress!). An important project, a meeting with its manager, a delay in deadlines can promote a state of anxiety capable of reducing our professional efficiency and causing psychological disorders and physical. Analyzing the causes of work-related ill-being makes it possible to fight against professional stress more effectively.

Among the anti-stress solutions: it will be necessary to make changes in the organization and work to find more professional serenity. Do not hesitate to consult the attending physician or the occupational physician in the event of significant stress.

Food as an Anti-stress

Diet can be an essential anti-stress weapon. At the table, we must start by fighting against bad eating habits, adopting a balanced and varied diet, and making lunch a moment of relaxation.

Priority should be given to “anti-stress” foods: fruits and vegetables, to give our body the supply of vitamins and minerals it needs (cabbage, spinach, citrus fruits, grapes, dried fruits and vegetables, etc.); foods rich in Omega3 (salmon, rapeseed oil, etc.) which protect the body from cardiovascular pathologies. These foods help control adrenaline and cortisol levels and therefore help manage stress.

Chocolate, bananas, grapes can also be allies against stress, thanks to their anti-oxidant properties and their high magnesium content.

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Here are other anti-stress tips to fight worries and gain well-being and relaxation:

  1. In acute stress phase: focus on your breathing: Breathe calmly, through deep abdominal breathing. And why not try a relaxation technique like progressive muscle relaxation, yoga or meditation? Advantage: yoga is a real physical activity! And don’t forget: the more often and regularly you practice, the better.
  2. When you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, it’s essential to take a break: You have like merry-go-round spinning in your head, the same questions circling over and over. Stop, turn off! Taking this short break ( 5 minutes is already enough ) in your daily life takes the time to calm down.
  3. Stress undermines not only psychologically but also physically: under stress, the muscles are often taut. In an acute phase of stress, you have to act quickly! Then transform your bathroom into a real temple of well-being and allow yourself a few moments of relaxation in a hot bath.
  4. The acute stress phase begins to pass a bit, to calm things down further, focus your mind on the positive. It is a reasonably behavioural approach. Focusing your attention on your environment’s positive or your day will simultaneously calm your moment of anxiety or stress.
  5. It’s proven: listening to music helps relieve stress! Music quiet and without vocals (wordless) is soothing and great for relieving stress.
  6. Shared sentence – divided sentence! In stressful or difficult situations, we sometimes forget that worries often seem much less dramatic once shared with good friends. Talking and sharing is good. And possibly listen to some advice, listen to how loved ones could get out of situations quite equivalent to yours.
  7. Look for a sporting activity that gives you pleasure and allows you to relieve stress physically. Running, biking, swimming or… any other sport that amuses you: you are spoiled for choice! You will see, the sport will allow you to manage stress in the long run better.
  8. Want to clear your head and relax after a stressful day? Take a long walk, ideally surrounded by nature! Glancing over a calm, green landscape calms the mind and relaxes. Also, the fresh air will do your stressed brain a lot of good.
  9. Sleep is essential to combat stress. In times of overload (psychological or physical), it is essential to get enough sleep so that the body and head can regenerate.
  10. Laughter is a great stress reliever: Laughing relaxes muscles, makes you happy, and helps break down stress hormones. It works even if you only smile or laugh out of politeness!

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