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Do I Have A Sinus Infection? These Symptoms Are Typical

A sinus infection is anything but pleasant. You can find out here which symptoms indicate the disease:

Headache, feeling of pressure in the forehead, exhaustion: Ui! Getting up is not a good idea! Suddenly your head is pounding, a nasty pain rages right behind your forehead and nose, and you ask yourself: Is that a frontal sinus infection? Are headaches a symptom? Does the nose also have to be affected, for example, by a cold, or not? We explain sinusitis, how to alleviate the symptoms, and when you should see a doctor.

What Exactly Is A Frontal Sinus Infection?

Frontal sinusitis is a form of sinusitis. It is the result of an infection of the nose by bacteria or viruses. The pathogens get into the mucous membrane of one or both frontal sinuses and cause inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes.

In addition to a cold, frontal sinusitis can occur due to allergies or after a visit to the swimming pool (here, the pathogens get into the nose through the water). A frontal sinus infection is usually harmless, but the symptoms, such as headaches, are often painful.

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Treatment Of Frontal Sinusitis

For the inflammation to heal quickly, the doctor recommends decongestant medication first. Nasal spray, nasal douches, and tablets are used. Inhalation and infrared light are also suitable measures. In addition, medicines are given to treat the symptoms of sinusitis, for example, painkillers to treat headaches. If bacteria cause the frontal sinus infection, antibiotics can also be prescribed.

If the medication does not heal the frontal sinusitis and the symptoms do not subside, the frontal sinus can be opened with a small drill. Secretions and pus can be removed in this way. Luckily, this minor procedure rarely needs to be done.

It is best to go to the doctor if you have a terrible cold and suspect a sinus infection. Based on the symptoms, he can quickly determine whether you are suffering from it and suggest appropriate treatment.

Five Symptoms Of Frontal Sinusitis

The following symptoms can indicate frontal sinusitis:

Pulsating Pains In The Forehead

Pulsating, stabbing pains on one half of the forehead and around the affected eye are typical symptoms of acute sinusitis. If both frontal sinuses are affected, the entire front of the head can also hurt.

Pain In The Head When Bending Forward

The pain usually increases when you bend over or stand up.

Slimy Purulent Cold

Frontal sinusitis is usually the result of a cold. It’s not pleasant, but pay attention to the contents of the handkerchief when blowing your nose. If this is clear, everything is fine. Green-yellow mucus, on the other hand, can be another indication of sinusitis.

Poor Sense Of Smell

The sense of smell can decrease with a frontal sinus infection. You smell worse.


Conjunctivitis can have a variety of causes. It is a classic symptom of acute frontal sinusitis if it occurs together with a cold and headache.

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