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Daily Habits That Age The Skin

We all have habits that aren’t exactly positive and that risk causing damage to our bodies and skin. Read on to find out which habits make our skin look much older.

The Position In Which You Sleep

If you sleep on your stomach, your head assumes a position that contracts the muscles in your neck and shoulders. In addition, this position hinders blood flow to the brain, causing dark circles and puffiness to appear. It is best to try to sleep on your back or side. Another important aspect regarding the skin’s health is the choice of pillow: a pillow that is too high interrupts the normal blood flow; therefore, more wrinkles will form. The most suitable pillow lets you keep your neck straight and your chin not too close to your chest.

Forget About Sunglasses

Protecting yourself from the sun is a guarantee for healthier skin. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so wrinkles are more likely to form when you open and close your eyes or even when they squint due to the sun. Wear sunglasses on the sunniest days regardless of the year’s season to avoid wrinkles.

Neglecting The Way You Eat

Your skin may or may not have problems depending on how you eat. For example, if you habitually chew on one side of your mouth, you may have an asymmetrical face. On one side of the face, the muscles will be weaker; on the other, they will be more toned.

Use Your Cell Phone

If you have long conversations on your cell phone, be aware that the pressure you put on your ear and shoulder when you put the phone down will cause creases and wrinkles on your neck, and the skin on your cheeks will lose elasticity. So, if you use your cell phone a lot, hold it in your hand or use the speakerphone.

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Incorrect Use Of The Tablet

When we use devices such as tablets or smartphones, our heads and eyes turn downwards, which could cause swelling and sagging skin with wrinkles. Avoid lowering your head when texting or consulting something on your devices to prevent this.

Place Hand On Chin

A gesture such as touching the chin can cause facial wrinkles.

Frown Brow

Often, we adopt harmful expressions, such as frowning, lips or tensing the muscles of the face. When you realize that you are frowning involuntarily, avoid it. Little by little, you will be able to eliminate this habit.

Take Hot Showers

It’s much better to shower with cold water than hot water because while a hot shower is great for relaxing, spending too much time under the jet of water is bad for your skin. The skin’s protective layer is affected, causing it to dry out and flake. Save time under the hot water in the shower.

Use Air Conditioning

Air conditioning absorbs moisture from the air and makes it drier. The skin suffers the same effect, i.e. it dries out. This is why it is important to provide it with good hydration and never abuse the air conditioning.

Choosing A Pillowcase

You have to be very careful when choosing the covers for your pillow. Bedding is one thing, but the pillowcase is in direct contact with the skin on your face. Choose cotton pillowcases to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, especially if you sleep on the side. It is best to opt for silk or satin underwear, as they cause less friction on the skin.

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