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Coffee Can Fight Disease And Prolong Life If You Drink It In A Certain Way

Anyone who has ever doubted the favorable properties of coffee was recently taught otherwise in a meta-analysis of 127 studies: The researchers found through the comparison that drinking up to four cups of coffee every day can have enormous health benefits. Coffee can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 20 percent, the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30 percent, the risk of Parkinson’s by 30 percent, and the risk of heart disease by 5 percent.

The analysis published in the American science magazine “Annual Reviews” did not consider how the coffee was consumed. It can be assumed that only a third of consumers drink their coffee black, without sugar, syrup, milk, cream, or artificial flavorings. As a result, the potential reduction in heart disease is likely well below 5 percent.

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Coffee From The Cooling Shelf Usually Contains Far Too Much Sugar

According to the American Heart Association, the average woman shouldn’t consume more than six teaspoons of sugar a day. In contrast, the middle man, who is taller, should limit himself to nine teaspoons a day. Higher sugar consumption increases the risk of diabetes and thus lowers the potentially positive effect of coffee on preventing heart disease. For example, a Starbucks white chocolate mocha contains about 18 teaspoons of sugar – as much as two cans of sugared cola.

Added dairy products can also destroy the favorable properties. Above all, many coffees from the refrigerated shelves in supermarkets or gas stations contain a lot of sugar and partially hydrogenated oils, and trans fats, both of which are dangerous. Artificial flavor – common in packaged ground coffees – is also problematic.

Gradually Make Coffee Black

If you still don’t want to do without sugar and milk in your coffee, you should at least pay attention to your dosage. It also helps to slowly approach the black coffee, for example, by first reducing the sugar piece by piece, which means that the milk is already perceived as significantly sweeter. You can then reduce the amount of milk if necessary. Another tip is a “bulletproof coffee” infused with natural coconut oil, cocoa, and spices.

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