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7 Tips To Remove Dental Tartar Naturally

Tartar that builds up on the teeth is not only unsightly, but it can also cause significant dental problems. This is why, in addition to an annual scaling at the dentist, Truck Mania presents solutions to fight tartar daily. Be careful because some should only be applied occasionally. Otherwise, they could do more harm than good to your tooth enamel.

What Are The Main Causes Of Tartar?

Diet is often the cause of the appearance of tartar plaques:

Avoid consuming fatty, sugary or acidic foods that act directly on the formation of tartar. Eat fruits and vegetables that are healthier for oral hygiene.

Coffee, tobacco and black tea can be held responsible for the appearance of tartar because they cause the arrival of bacteria in the mouth.

Washing your teeth and gums helps prevent tartar and maintains and balances your oral flora. Do not abuse products that could deteriorate; perform regular brushing with suitable toothpaste.

If despite this, tartar invites itself into your mouth, Truck Mania offers you seven tips to try to dislodge it.

Walnut Shells

Prepare a decoction based on walnut shells and water. Take 50 grams of walnut shells and boil them in a water-filled pot. After 10 minutes, let this preparation cool down until it is cold enough to dip in your toothbrush. Let her soak up this liquid, and brush your teeth for 5 minutes. You can repeat this treatment after each meal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar to remove dental tartar, but you must stick to limited use or risk weakening the enamel of your teeth. Once a week, gargle using apple cider vinegar, then brush your teeth once you’ve spit the vinegar out. Spit out anything left in your mouth and rinse well with clean water.

Baking Soda

You can mix it with salt or lemon; baking soda is a great way to fight tartar or prevent it. The principle is to make a paste with baking soda, lemon juice, or salt and water. You can then use this preparation with a soft toothbrush. It is unnecessary to rub hard because it could irritate your gums. Note that this treatment should be performed infrequently, as it could damage your teeth’ enamel.


This grandma’s recipe involves using wormwood leaves and fermented wine. To prepare your potion, mix four tablespoons of leaves with five dl of wine, then let the resulting liquid sit for 2 or 3 hours before straining it. You can then brush your teeth with it, being careful not to swallow any and rinsing your mouth well after brushing.

Linden And Sunflower Seeds

Truck Mania fell in love with this recipe which consists of mixing sunflower seeds and linden in the same quantity to one liter of water. The recipe advises starting with five teaspoons each to get a good dosage. Put everything in a saucepan over low heat and simmer for half an hour. Please wait for this solution to cool and filter it to recover the juice. You can brush your teeth with this homemade preparation for 2 or 3 days, provided you keep it in the refrigerator.


Its black appearance hides its game well, as it is a precious ingredient to take care of your mouth. There is also toothpaste that contains it. You can also buy it from a herbalist in powder form and use it directly on your toothbrush. Do not be afraid for your teeth; they will be much whiter after rubbing them with charcoal.

Orange Peels

They contain limonene, and this substance has the particularity of acting on tartar and helping to eliminate it. Preferably use organic oranges, and rub your teeth with the white side of the skin. You can also make a paste by reducing the white of the orange peel into small pieces that you mix with a little water. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and have antimicrobial actions that help you eliminate tartar and solidify your teeth.

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