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Dermatitis: Natural Homeopathic Remedies

Dermatitis is a generic term that includes a whole series of skin lesions that, depending on their presentation and location, constitute nosological entities in their own right. Let’s find out the homeopathic remedies to cure it.

Causes And Symptoms Of Dermatitis

Among dermatitis most commonly encountered at homeopathic consultation are recurrent forms of urticaria, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis. In fact, in all cases, these are manifestations that tend to frequent recurrence, if not even to becoming chronic and which, often and willingly, do not find particular benefit – especially in the long term – due to the effect of traditional therapies – mostly cortisone-based – aimed, in most cases, solely at soothing the local symptoms, without particular attention to other aspects of the body which instead represent the predisposing condition to their occurrence and, above all, to their continuous recurrence.

We briefly recall here that:

  • The lesion that characterizes urticaria is the wheel, i.e., a thickening of the skin, well localized, which appears red and itchy; the most characteristic site is the trunk which, both in the acute forms, which generally resolves promptly and is mostly of allergic origin and in the chronic forms, decidedly more persistent and linked to systemic disorders, tends to spread and converge, giving a typically mottled appearance of the affected areas.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, on the other hand, is mostly characterized by redness and fine desquamation of the skin in areas particularly rich in sebaceous glands (face, retro-auricular, interscapular, and presternal regions, and scalp ); often, the lesions, particularly in the area of ​​the skin folds, are complicated by microbial or fungal overlap.
  • Psoriasis is dermatitis that can present itself in many ways but which is characterized by the presence of typical areas of redness and extreme whitish scaling, often very itchy, and mostly located on the elbows, knees, scalp, and sacral region; in some cases, lesions of the nail bed may be evident, in others the cutaneous involvement is associated with the particular one, which configures the picture of psoriatic arthritis.

Finally, pityriasis Versicolor also deserves mention, a skin lesion mainly of the trunk or folds caused by a saprophytic yeast and characterized by areas of hypopigmentation or with a red-brownish appearance, which is not always particularly itchy.

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Homeopathic Remedies For Dermatitis

Homeopathic treatments must always differ according to whether the disturbances have arisen acutely or are aimed at treating chronic or relapsing manifestations. The first case concerns only some forms of urticaria, which can arise from food contact with allergenic substances, but sometimes be the consequence of emotional traumatism, which, among other things, in particularly predisposed subjects, express their disturbance also and, above all, with skin manifestations.

It is important in these cases to always evaluate possible excesses of the table, which can often cause manifestations of the skin as a consequence of a functional overaccumulation which then has, precisely in the skin, the so-called vicarious organ for the elimination of what other traditional emunctors are not capable of, promptly, to eliminate.

Allergic-based urticaria crises benefit from remedies such as Apis (the lesions improve with exposure to cold) or Urtica Urens (aggravation, however, with cold applications), while those after emotional trauma are often resolved with arnica, Staphysagrya, and Ignatia, which are the main remedies for suffering that the patient is unable to manifest otherwise; Nux vomica, on the other hand, is the main remedy for all states of overaccumulation due to excess or disordered eating.

Instead, as regards chronic forms of urticaria and other dermatitis mentioned above, they must be analyzed and treated as an expression of a functional disorder of the whole organism, which predisposes it to the onset of symptoms, and prevents it from self-recovery.

Even in these forms, as in other disorders, the choice of remedy will be guided first of all by the constitutional characteristics of the affected subject and then by the particular energetic situation that characterizes him at that moment, remembering, only schematically, that urticaria is an expression for the more than an initial disorder of the body’s vitality, which is still only slightly complicated in seborrheic dermatitis, and instead appears decidedly more compromised, and therefore also more therapeutically demanding, in pityriasis and, above all, in psoriasis.

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