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Double Chin: How To Eliminate It Naturally And Without Surgery

He makes us look fatter and older than our actual age, and we would do anything to get rid of him. But the double chin resists and our discouragement as well. But why does the double chin come? It can be an accumulation of fat – which affects men and women alike – but also a sagging of the skin that “collapses.” Various factors play a crucial role in the appearance of the double chin, such as poor skin elasticity, dehydration, and an incorrect and careless diet.

Therefore, by working on these things, the situation can be improved. However, it must be said that eliminating the double chin is not precisely a walk, but nothing is impossible, and we can do something about it. For example, we can work “from the inside” by taking particular care of our diet: through it, we can keep the body well hydrated, get rid of toxins, fill up with vitamins and mineral salts that fortify the skin and make it more elastic. An idea? An excellent lemon and mint smoothie revitalizes, purifies, and fights the free radicals responsible for premature aging. And it is also draining, so it helps eliminate excess fluids and dispose of toxins.

Refreshing and very pleasant, it should be drunk twice a day consistently. Even melon juice (obtained by blending two slices of melon with a glass of water) is very good for the skin: it makes it toned and elastic and prevents fat accumulation. To have more toned and elastic skin, you need to fill up with vitamin E, the vitamin par excellence for skincare where we find it: in brown rice, legumes, seeds, and green leafy vegetables, which, therefore, must never be missing in our diet. And not just because they help reduce double chins, of course.

Did you know that even poor posture can lead to the formation of a double chin? That is why you need to be careful to stand up straight, with your head up, shoulders open, and chest out. If you spend many hours sitting at your pc, you are more likely to have a double chin. What can you do when it is difficult for you to change jobs? Raise the work surface or place a stand under the computer so that your gaze stays up and your back straight. If you have a double chin or want to prevent it, avoid sleeping with two pillows and preferably lie on your back. In this way, the neck remains taut and reduces the risk of a double chin.

To say goodbye to the double chin, dedicate 10 minutes a day to a specific toning exercise for that area—goal: to reduce excess skin and prevent it from dangling. An easy and effective practice is to gently bring the head back and forth for a few minutes and, when the head is up, look at the ceiling by squeezing the upper and lower lips until tension is felt in the neck. Another exercise: keep your back straight and keep your head tense for a few seconds. Repeat 20 times.

And again: with a relaxed jaw, stick out your tongue as much as possible, hold a few seconds, breathe and repeat 15 times.

Still, with your language, keeping your mouth tight, you can make circular movements on the palate: 15 repetitions are enough. This little exercise routine can be repeated several times a day. But remember: it’s essential to be consistent for it to work! Massages also help reduce double chin, especially if done with wheat germ and lemon oil. The first is rich in vitamin B and vitamin E and tones; the second stimulates circulation and melts fat. Mixed, they are perfect for massaging the double chin morning and evening.

The clay mask is another exceptional double chin treatment: it makes the skin more substantial and elastic and eliminates toxins. Mix some clay with the water until you get a paste that you will spread on the double chin and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water (which tones) and apply a good moisturizer. Repeat once a week.

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