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Eye Fatigue, Attention To Screens

Did you know? Your eyes have muscles that tire from staring at screens. Harmless eye fatigue is relieved, even worth consulting.

A Widespread Disorder

Sight is the most solicited of our five senses. The eye is a mighty, fragile organ directly connected to the brain. Before, students and certain professions (surgeons, etc.) were the most prone to eye strain due to hours spent in front of books and notebooks. Digital computers, tablets, and smartphones are the leading cause of eye strain today. It concerns everyone. In addition, in India, nearly 70% of people suffer from visual disorders, 80% of which are curable.

But more than six out of ten adults spend at least five hours a day in front of a screen. However, the eye is susceptible to blue light from screens, and it works twice as hard when the image is pixelated. Other situations create eye strain, such as prolonged driving under challenging conditions, at night, and in fog, or even inappropriate, excessive, or dim lighting conditions for the view.

Muscular Or Accommodative Asthenopia

There are two primary forms of eye fatigue according to their causes:

  • Muscle asthenopia
  • Accommodative asthenopia

Which have in common too great a strain on the eyes in near vision.

Muscular Asthenopia

The eye has muscles. When you don’t have any other visual disturbance but sustain too much close effort, these muscles get tired. Staring at an object puts a lot of work on the eye, which must make an extra effort to adapt the optical power to the distance from the observed object. This occurs when reading, sewing, and looking at a screen. By force, the ciliary muscles fatigue, then, in turn, the orbicularis muscles and the frontal muscles.

Accommodative Asthenopia

Accommodative asthenopia affects people whose sight has a refractive defect, such as hyperopes, myopes, astigmatism, or presbyopia. This inability to maintain a constant accommodation effort is, for example, due to poorly corrected myopia. In the farsighted, eye fatigue only makes itself felt after prolonged struggle up close, often with poor lighting, and if he is already tired, physically or intellectually.

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Eye Fatigue: Symptoms

Eye Fatigue: Dizziness And Headaches

Eye fatigue results in dry eyes or, on the contrary, an excess of tears, burning, irritation, tingling, excessive sensitivity to light, blurred vision accompanied by headaches, neck pain, or dizziness. It is also manifested by difficulty reading a printed page after leaving the screen we were staring at. It also results in a weakening of intellectual and psychic abilities during work. In this case, the individual feels a decrease in his ability to concentrate or even an inability to think and nervousness. After a day of visual effort, so many symptoms were felt, especially at the end of the day.

Chronic Eye Strain

In the case of accommodative asthenopia, visual acuity may temporarily decrease, with a narrowing of the visual field, greater sensitivity to light, or even a reduced ability to distinguish contrasts. In the case of chronic eye fatigue, the risk is to develop a recurrent lack of attention.

How To Treat Eye Fatigue?

The Position Of The Computer Screen

Since screens are the leading cause of eye fatigue today, positioning your computer correctly is essential: your computer screen should never be facing or facing a window. You have to indirectly receive the light from the screen by tilting it slightly. Also, rest your eye muscles for a five-minute break every half hour.

Eye Gymnastics

Relaxing eye muscles relieve fatigue. To do this, close the eyelids, becoming aware of the pressure of the eyelids on the eyeball. For other exercises, watch while making circles as round as possible, in one direction, then in the other. Finally, squint by looking at the tip of your nose or fingers. The ideal solution is to remove all light sources in a room and relax your eyes in the dark. Eyes no longer needing to focus will naturally relax gradually, relieving discomfort caused by muscle fatigue. Indulging in such a relaxation session can be tricky in the workplace.

Eye Fatigue, The Solution Of Cool Compresses

Your eye muscles also like compresses. And besides, they like tea. Soak compresses or cotton balls in an infusion of green or black tea, let cool, and apply to the eyelids for about ten minutes. You can also use tea bags that have steeped. Be careful. They are slightly cool, never cold like ice; you would damage your eye.

Eye Fatigue, Tinted Glasses

“Computer glasses” have specially tinted lenses, which relieve fatigue, with the limitation that they cannot wholly prevent it.

Consult Your Ophthalmologist

If you experience eye fatigue, consulting your ophthalmologist will allow you to take stock. Better to be fixed to know if this eye fatigue is not linked to an underlying problem. The advice of a professional is, in any case, the best way to solve a harmless problem so that it does not escalate. At worst, eye fatigue linked to a muscle defect or weakness can be treated or even operated on.

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