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12 Tips To Lose Your Double Chin

After their thirties, many women are prone to double chin. Although it is a natural phenomenon, this small aesthetic detail is the source of many complexes. Over time, this can turn into an obsession and weaken self-esteem. Don’t be discouraged; there are easy solutions to put into practice to get rid of this little problem. Are you intrigued? Follow the guide! We will reveal our list of 12 tips to lose your double chin.

Do Facial Gymnastics

Have you ever heard of this “sporting” practice? No need to run to the gym; you can do these exercises at home!Are you ready? Sit on a chair and relax. Here is your new ritual, you will repeat each movement ten times :

  • Stretch your chin forward, keeping your head straight. Hold this position for 5 seconds before releasing the effort.
  • Place your upper lip on your lower lip like a sulking child and lift your head skyward. Hold this activity for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly tilt your head to the right. Touch your palate several times with your tongue, then tilt your head to the left to repeat the exercise.
  • Tilt your head back to gaze at the ceiling and gently stretch your neck.
  • Lie on your back and relax. Raise your head, so your chin touches your chest, and hold this effort for 5 seconds.
  • Stand facing the bathroom mirror and stick out your tongue until you feel a twinge;
  • Articulate the letters X and O cartoonish to tone the neck muscles.

Watch Your Diet

Did you know? The double chin is due to an accumulation of fat under the thin skin of your face. To eliminate the object of your discomfort, you must transform your eating habits. Avoid food that is too rich, too fatty or too sweet and prefers cooked vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Do you want to know your best asset in the fight against the double chin? It’s about calcium!

Avoid Salt

Want to get rid of your double chin? Salt is your worst enemy! Why? Because it causes water retention. That’s not all! Salty foods cause bloating and discomfort. So, banish salt from your favorite dishes to find a good and soothed face! One last tip: beware of industrial preparations such as crisps and crackers. All of these little pleasures contain a lot of hidden salt.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s well known that you must consider hydrating yourself to lose weight and clean up waste. This advice is worth gold when you have decided to get rid of a double chin. Why? Because this minor defect is often the consequence of water retention! Do you want to eliminate the excess water that is ruining your life? In this case, drink water! It would help if you consumed this beverage without moderation.

Beware Of Appetizers

You like conviviality and love having an aperitif with your friends, yet this bad habit is the enemy of the beauty of your face. Alcohol abuse promotes water retention.

You will understand that you must drink in moderation to find the oval of your 20 years.

Make Up Your Flaws Like A Pro

Do you want to learn some tricks to make your double chin disappear with a magic brushstroke?

Grab your compact; here are some secrets of professional makeup artists: apply a dark powder under the chin and on the tip of it; powder your chin with a lighter powder. Would you like some hair advice? Opt for a mid-length square or a plunging square. These two styles refine the features of the face.

Practice Self-Massage

Here is some easy-to-apply advice: you will perform a self-massage. To do this, make small palpating-rolling movements to weaken the fatty tissues and promote their elimination.

Do you prefer to go to an institute for a cocooning moment? Make an appointment at a spa; you will love this privileged moment.

Try Slimming Creams

Good news! There are slimming creams explicitly designed for this fragile area of ​​the face. You will find its miracle products in pharmacies or perfumes. Fall for these beautiful treatments that will drain your epidermis effortlessly. Want to know how to apply this type of ointment? It’s simple, perform petite massages by slightly stretching the skin from bottom to top.

Run To The Gym

Head to the gym! Once you have forgotten the discomfort of the effort, you will be in ecstasy in front of your mirror: thanks to the weight loss, you will smile again, and the double chin will soon be nothing more than a bad memory.

Chew Gum Without Complex

Do you like sweets? Hurry to the supermarket to buy your favorite chewing gum. You will chew these flavored tablets without depriving yourself. Thanks to this little quirk, you will tone the muscles of your face in no time!

Opt For Cosmetic Surgery

Do you want to have surgery? It is an effective solution to eliminate a double chin.

There are several proven techniques:

  • The lip jet
  • Fatty micropuncture
  • Lipo adipectomy

All of these operations target fat cells. For the first two, the surgeon will remove unwanted fat. In the third case, he will inject a substance to inflate the adipocytes and then explode them using ultrasound.

Change Your Posture

Here is a twelfth and final piece of advice to get rid of this little flaw that obsesses you once and for all: correct your posture! We can never say it enough, adopting an elegant position refines the silhouette and gives a confident air. It is also an effective way to stimulate muscles and ligaments and guarantee eternal youth.

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