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10 Gifts To Give Your Elderly Grandparents

Shopping for elderly loved ones can be hard. After all, they have been receiving gifts for literally decades upon decades, so how do you give them a present that is both thoughtful and useful? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 gift ideas to give grandparents, from senior clothing to automatic card shufflers. Browse this list to kickstart your winter holiday shopping:

Digital Photo Frame

Every grandparent loves looking at photos of their grandkids. However, it can be a hassle to get photos off a smartphone or camera and print them off for display. Enter a WiFi-enabled photo frame, which lets you upload digital pictures over the internet and display them seamlessly, no trip to the printers required. Digital photo frames come in many different sizes, from desktop frames to huge wall art. Be sure to include a “coupon” for a free tech support session to show your loved one how to upload the photos.

Tile Finders

Another technologically enabled gift, tile finders attach to objects such as keys and wallets. If the item goes missing, you can track it using a dedicated app on your smartphone. While this gift will probably only be suitable for more technologically savvy grandparents, it is a thoughtful and practical gift that they are sure to appreciate if they constantly misplace objects.

Non-Slip Socks and Non-Skid Shoes

Elderly people are at a significant risk for falls, and wearing improper socks and shoes can increase this risk unnecessarily. That means they should be wearing non-slip shoes or socks at all times, even inside their house. If they don’t have the right socks and shoes, then consider giving it to them for the holidays. Look for shoes for swollen feet with adjustable closures and non-skid soles, as well as socks with non-slip bottoms for extra tread.

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Senior Clothing

Regular clothing isn’t designed for older adults with mobility issues. If your loved one is still capable of dressing themselves, but struggles with traditional garments, then they are sure to appreciate a gift of easy-to-put-on adaptive clothing, such as men’s elastic waist pants for seniors. These clothes replace difficult buttons with Velcro, snaps and other closures that are easier for arthritic hands. They are also designed with looser silhouettes that make them easier to pull on and off.

Heated Mattress Pad or Blanket

As we age, our bodies become less tolerant of heat and cold differences. This can lead many older adults to feel freezing much of the time, especially during the winter months. Being cold can also worsen arthritis symptoms, which are usually soothed by heat. As such, your loved one is sure to appreciate a heated mattress pad or blanket that can keep them warm all night long. Make sure that you get a model with an automatic shut-off function so that you don’t have to worry about them accidentally leaving it on.

Light Therapy Lamp

The long winter months can be a real drag for your physical and mental health, especially if you live closer to the poles and have noticeably shorter days. If your elderly loved one seems to be down in the dumps, then you might want to get them a light therapy lamp. These lamps emit light that mimics sunlight and can help ease symptoms and boost your mood temporarily. It won’t completely cure depression, but it can be a great supplement to other treatments, especially in the winter months.


Reading is a popular pastime among seniors, but books can be difficult for older adults due to their smaller print size, which may not be sufficient for impaired eyesight. Thankfully, e-books offer the ability to magnify the text until it’s plenty big enough for seniors to read without further straining their eyes. You can get them a dedicated e-reader such as a Kindle or a tablet that offers additional functionality besides just reading e-books.

Automatic Card Shuffler

Many older adults enjoy playing card games, but arthritis in their hands can make shuffling a deck clumsy and even painful. If your grandparents are in a similar situation, then they are sure to appreciate an automatic card shuffler that will prepare the deck for them. Make sure to include the batteries (if they’re not already part of the package) for a complete gift.

Magnifying Glass

Speaking of eyesight, many seniors struggle to focus on smaller objects or fine details in addition to the printed word, even when they are wearing glasses. A handheld magnifying glass can help them focus on the objects they want to see better whether or not they have their glasses on them. These portable magnifying glasses come in many different designs, including a classic round lens mounted on a handle and a smaller rectangular version that fits in a credit card slot in a wallet.

Walking Sticks and Trekking Poles

If your grandparents love to be active, then they might enjoy a walking stick or a set of trekking poles. These devices are designed to help keep you stable while walking or hiking. Walking sticks are suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use on pavement (think sidewalks and roads). Trekking poles are designed for hiking and can withstand more rugged terrain than walking poles. They are sold both singly and as a set of two. Look for models with cork handles (as opposed to foam), which will absorb sweat from their hands without causing blisters.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect present for your grandparents! If you’re still worried that they won’t like it, make sure to buy from a reputable retailer with a great return policy, just to be on the safe side.

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